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If you came here looking for information regarding Payday 2 weapon related commissions, then be advised that I am unable to make anything requiring custom animation work. This is because my usual partner in crime, PlayBONK, is busy in real life and cannot spare any time with Payday 2 animations.

If you do not require custom animations from PlayBONK, then check the spoilered section below on my policy/how to contact me for commissions.


I do custom weapons as a hobby and not as a job (one I probably spend too much time on, but whatever).
My prices and time spent reflect that, you are likely going to find I am not all that expensive in terms of handling your request. But seeing as I typically assemble weapons in my free time, your commission might take a few weeks/months before I get the weapon in game.
If I think there is someone better suited to handling your request and/or helping out with the weapon, I will let you know.
I do not ask for any payment until the weapon is complete, assembled in game, playable, and the whole project is deemed finished by you.

You can contact me at rjc9000 on Discord, whether finding me on the Modworkshop discord or simply messaging me. I have my direct messages set to friends only to filter out spam, but I usually can read the messages you send if you're on a server I'm in such as Modworkshop.

Also, if you are interested in certain personal weapons I have made, just ask.
You can tell they are personal weapons because their descriptions read like a parody of a certain song...

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