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  1. Hate speech will not be tolerated.
    This includes derogatory comments based on race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and other forms of hateful language.

  2. Be civil and courteous.
    Do not harass, annoy, provoke, or insult other users with malicious intent. Make sure spoilers are marked under the spoiler tag.

  3. Do not spam or post scam/referral links.
    Spamming is including but not limited to excessive usage of emotes, pointless walls of text. Do not use link shorteners.

  4. Sharing pirated content is prohibited.
    Do not post illegally obtained content or directions on how to get said content. This includes DLCs and paid content.

  5. Do not post NSFW (Not Safe For Work) or seizure inducing content.
    Nudity, sexually explicit discussions, suggestive bodily fluids, and generally pornographic or gross content is not allowed.
    Any content you upload/own is subject to this rule.

  6. No backseat moderation.
    If you see a user breaking the rules, please report them to the moderator team.

  7. Avoid discussing sensitive topics.
    Sensitive topics include, but are not limited to, gender, sexuality, religion, politics, or race. These discussions can quickly turn into heated arguments which aren't okay in here.

  8. Do not abuse website exploits.
    This includes bypassing the music approval process, and breaking the site in any way. If you find a bug, please report it to us.

Uploads Rules

  1. Do not upload malicious mods with the intention of ruining other's experience.

  2. Do not upload mods that contain others' work if the license explicitly does not allow it.
    If the license requires you to ask for permission you must do so.
    You must credit the user by either linking the original mod in the license tab or using the same license.

  3. Make sure your mod name and description accurately describes the mod's purpose. Do not publicly upload non-functional or blank mods.
    Exceptions are made for joke mods, but make sure to tag them as such. Mod names and images should not be misleading or clickbaity.

  4. Do not update your mods for the sole purpose of bumping your mod to the top of the submission list.

  5. Your submission must be open source.
    If your submission contains any code that is compiled or obfuscated in some way (Any programming language, including visual ones such as Unreal Engine BPs), you must include a repository link or include the source code in some way.

    Exceptions may be made for known and trusted libraries, at the discretion of MWS moderators.

  6. Do not upload mods that use any content from the following companies:

    • Nintendo
    • Disney
  7. Do not upload blatant cheat mods for multiplayer games.
    Examples include but are not limited to infinite ammo or god mode.
    This also accounts for circumventing anti cheats or any other protective measures such as mods/cheats filter in a malicious way.
    Exceptions are made to mods that are sandboxed.
    Sandboxing means that the mod is offline only or only between people who have the mod and disables any game progress or achievments.

  8. Do not upload media that contains real guns, ammo boxes, attachments, and the like (i.e. a real photo of a gun)
    This does not include guns, attachments, and similar from any video game, or any model/drawing that depicts them.

Music Rules

Music mods go through an approval process before going public, make sure to read the rules for music properly before uploading or your mod will be rejected!

  1. The following are allowed and not allowed:


    • Music specifically composed for games or anime, except for music that is licensed for use (ex: music from GTA radio or Hotline Miami 2 is not allowed).
    • Music with the licenses: Public Domain, CC or no copyright.
    • Music that the artist has provided a free download for or has explicitely given permission to use.

    Not Allowed

    • Music from a movie or a show.
    • Studio/Big Budget Songs are not allowed (ex: VEVO music, music from internationally known artists)
    • Music that is not freely available to download (ex: music that must be purchased)
  2. You must provide a source for the music you use for your mod.
    we will instantly reject your mod if no sources (links usually) are found in the description.

  3. If your mod isn't solely focused on music, but contains it anyway, you must send your mod for approval via the "Send for Approval" feature.
    You can find the toggle in the edit mod page.

Other Things to Consider

  • Consecutive offenses will result in longer ban lengths. This includes evading bans.
  • We change our rules occasionally and sometimes we miss on checking some mods, we don't have bots to do this job and it takes time to discuss certain mods if they break our rules or not.
  • Please do not compare your case to other cases.
  • Listen and follow to the requests of the moderators. They are here to help enforce the rules so make sure to listen to them.
  • Music mods take time to approve, please avoid asking when your mod will be approved.
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