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21/male/not actually named carl.

I do Python, C++, Java, JS, and HTML/CSS. When I'm not taking care of my cat, serving coffee, or failing at Girls' Frontline I'm making mods for this game. I'm also trying to teach myself how to model, and while I'm getting good at it I'm not great at it yet. Darn.

Everything I do here is licensed under WTFPL unless otherwise stated. That's right, if for some unknowable reason you want to use my stuff for your own things, you're more than welcome to! Just please credit me, because that's the polite thing to do. c:

Note that I *was* a community moderator, but I had to leave my post because I disagreed on principle with how the staff team treats the community and the distribution of power within it. Now that things have gotten better, I hope to return... But until then, you might not see much of me.

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