Wednesday Enthusiast's Payday 3 Audio Modding Guide

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Wednesday Enthusiast's PD3 Audio Modding Guide

  • Information on: Setup, Dependencies, FModel, Repak, and Essential Tools.

Audio modding is a lot easier and a billion times faster using this method (I have suffered through HexEdit like an idiot up until now. Don't make my mistake).


Hey, can you possibly help me with something? I've been trying to replace the VIP music on Rock the Cradle with another song but the song is longer than the original music and when the original song would loop it cuts off and never comes back. Can I fix this?


Sorry for the late response Ema. I'm getting the same thing. Strange. I tried it the normal way and tried skipping the hexedit/benceutility part like with a main menu track, but no luck. I did find this mod however, which accomplished this with a loop. I can't tell if they just made them the exact same length and made their song loop at that point or not. Because if not, I don't know what they did to achieve this. If I have some time tomorrow, I'll look into this further.


Hi, Ema! I've done some testing and I got a working version. Strangely it didn't work at the exact same length as the original file, nor all the way to the 2:23 mark. Everything up to the 2:22 mark seemed to loop perfectly for me.

In addition, it seemed the loop point didn't stay at the same second (according to the in game timer without No Intro Sequences). I was getting loop points at 2:06, 2:08, and probably others I didn't get a screenshot of. Very weird.

It also doesn't seem to be a file size issue from what I tested. I tried using a file that was 17.7 MB, but significantly longer (3:31), compared to the original file size of 26.0 MB, but no luck looping. However, it broke at around 2:30, which is even more confusing.

So, from what I was able to get working, a file that is as long as 2:22 should loop fine. Let me know if it still isn't working for you or need anything else. Once again, there may be another solution or exact problem I am unable to see right now.


Ah, thanks! It's working now, kinda annoying it has to be under 2:22. I appreciate the help!

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