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Custom Firearm Mechanic for Custom Weapons
Version 1.32 | Last Updated: 01-07-2018, 08:31 AM
Status: Public
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This mod adds data of various firearm mechanic mod to custom weapons that can use it.
Since we have a lot of custom weapons from different modders, mod like this is created to reduce updates by providing only 1 mod-update time that gave support to various custom weapon.
This also makes it easier to eliminate bug/glitch/crash, should a firearm mechanic mod breaks from new Payday 2 update, simply disabling this mod will effectively disable all the effect of the firearm mechanic mod to custom weapon. (The firearm mechanic mod will still affect vanilla weapon though..)

Note: This mod requires using latest versions of the firearm mechanic mods - Always check if you're using the latest versions of said mod.

Firearm Mechanic mod currently this mod supported:
Tactical Reloading (1-in-the-chamber)
Burst Fire (Adaptive burst fire mode)
Slide and Bolt Lock Back (very situational, as it could be just included on the custom weapon main.xml. But this mod is also supported)
- Bipod that (Actually) Work (gave bipod capability for custom weapon that have bipod model)
Mostly for now, only tactical reloading mechanic mod that a wide custom weapon can use, other firearm mechanic mod is situational depending on the weapon ability.

Custom Weapon supported:
Bipod Support
- Cheytac M200
- Hecate AMP

Baikal MP-153
Galil ACE 23
McMillan Tac-50
STK Ultimax 100
Walther P99

Howa Type 89 & Type 64
Browning Auto Rifle
Trench Gun 1897 [also gave slam-firing capability]
Browning Auto-5
Hecate AM-P
KARD pistol
Mx4 Storm
Mini 14
Korean Arms Pack - 3 weapon
PLA Arms Pack - 3 weapon
Minebea 9
SG 550 family
Springfield 1903 EX
Gepard GM6 Lynx
Maxim 9 pistol


Groceries' & Matthelzor
Browning HP pistol
QSZ-92 Pistol
SG 552 Rifle
Montana 5.56 Rifle

Silent Enforcer's

Extract archive content to "mod_overrides".
- Fixed typo on Walther P99 section
- Added Maxim 9 pistol support
- Added more tweak to custom weapon bipod support

- Added support for some custom weapon with Bipod with Bipod that Actually Work mod
- Added support for slide lock for more custom pistol
- Added support for Montana 5.56 and SG 552 Rifle
- Added support for >:3's XM21 and P99
- Added more firearm mechanic mod to existing custom weapon in the list.
- Added support for MAG7 shotgun
- Added support for SPAS 15 shotgun
- Added support for Lynx Sniper, upcoming SG 550 family, upcoming Springfield 1903
- Updated mod for new BeardLib Manager GUI display
- Added support to Chang-Feng SMG.
- Added support to Groceries' QSZ-92 Pistol.
- Added support to Vepr-12

- Added support for more custom weapon from different modder.

v1 - initial release

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12-22-2017, 03:55 PM
thanks alot!

12-22-2017, 09:50 AM
can you add tactical reloading for >:3's XM21 and Walther P99? 

08-12-2017, 06:21 PM
Awesome, It would be neat to have that mod in general, I sadly lack the skills to make one myself.

Thanks a lot for this mod!

08-11-2017, 03:33 PM
Its possible if there's a mod that could disable auto-reload on 0 magazine.
But I think it won't need this mod, as it will just affect all weapon

08-11-2017, 03:21 PM
I wonder, is it possible to add a mechanic where weapons don't automatically reload upon magazine depletion?

08-11-2017, 11:42 AM
Using this mod, it'll give Custom Weapon the effect of various firearm mechanic mod that's supported on this mod.
For example: the Trench Gun can have +1 shell beside it's maximum tube capacity (that's the effect of Tactical Reloading mod)
Trench Gun could also have slam-fire ability, by using Burst Fire mod.

By default, all the firearm mechanic mod listed in the description above only affect vanilla weapon.
This mod essentially acts like a bridge to have the effect of said firearm mechanic mod applies to custom weapon.

08-11-2017, 11:25 AM
im sorry im being really stupid but i didnt understand a thing from the description, what does this mod do exactly?

08-11-2017, 05:34 AM
Yes it will
Next update, I will add support to other modders' gun as well.
>:3, Groceries, SilentEnforcer to name a few

08-11-2017, 03:22 AM
Will this be expanded to include other maker's mods as well? Its really neat