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unlock the copycat perk deck without needing the community goal?🙏 Requests014 hours ago
doom mod🙏 Requests315 hours ago
Gunshot Echo🙏 Requests01 day ago
Old methods of mod_override music (Bundle method?)❔ Help02 days ago
Remove the power boxes from counterfeit🙏 Requests13 days ago
Game lag and crash after modify several weapons❔ Help14 days ago
underbarrel grenade launcher/shotgun for all weapons?🙏 Requests04 days ago
Need Help With Charm Mod I'm Making❔ Help09 days ago
PD3 Hud mod for PAYDAY 2🙏 Requests19 days ago
Can we start backward porting Payday 3 stuff in mass now, or would it be tasteless?-09 days ago
[Request] My Actual Code from There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension as a Heist Track🙏 Requests012 days ago
[Request] Goofy Cop Death Sounds🙏 Requests013 days ago
[REQUEST] Mod that changes between set outfits every heist🙏 Requests115 days ago
SuperBLT crashing❔ Help116 days ago
U240 events carshing❔ Help216 days ago
Enemy redesigns from gameplay overhauls as standalone mods🙏 Requests118 days ago
player joining status for "prevent pausing when someone joins" mod users🙏 Requests118 days ago
C++ Exception Crash-to-Desktop❔ Help119 days ago
Mods containing PAYDAY 3 assets won't be approved for now📰 News923 days ago
Increase OVE9000's effective range🙏 Requests023 days ago
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