Reasonably Realistic Relock
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You know it's pretty hard to think of the mod as realistic when angling the gun does 3 bad things:

Removes your aim away from the sights

Gets the stock out of your shoulder

Ensures that you eat brass

These are all only applied under the circumstances of the gun and its attachments itself, however it seems rather unrealistic. I seem to recall Jonathan Ferguson talking about angling the gun when looking at the guns of Back 4 Blood, and him commenting that you usually impair at least one of your abilities to:

Aim down the sights

Shoulder the gun

Not eat brass

I'd never have the patience to adjust everything like this, cool mod.


CAR-style shooting is definitely controversial, but it's also definitely a real thing - and with the inclusion of John Wick (who popularised it for Hollywood) in the game and the growing number of FPS games with this kinda gimmick it seemed like it would fit in the Payday universe (in fact I think I remember seeing Chains do it in the webseries), even though there's only so much you can do as far as manually modding in a whole new gunplay technique - this was the best alternative I could do to manage adding this style of firearm handling to the game, hence the "Reasonably Realistic" title.


all of that isn't a deal braker when its really a situational system, and you cant the gun anyway using infrared aimpoints, canted red dots and the grip and shouldering the gun is accounted for in the system


CAR (Centre Axis Relock) stance is a very real thing; and it doesn't actually take the stock from your shoulder, just tilts your whole arm along with the firearm, so you're still in the same braced position, it's just that your position, or axis, has been rotated, or relocked, so your firearms is closer to the centre of your body, while you're positioning your body at an angle, usually between 45 and 90 degrees, away from the direction you're shooting.

it's mostly used for self defense or very tight quarter situations, but it's still a real thing.

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