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Fuck this website, and it's moderators, that's it I'm going to nexusmods, an another website with ACTUAL FREEDOM OF SPEECH. After all, MWS moderators will never learn how to value your time.

what i consider as cheating: P3DHack, Berserker Live matter/STOL3NHACK (btw, if you use this mod you're kinda retarded, stop defending this garbage already and learn how to play with 80% zerk already), skill cheating.

what i do NOT consider as cheating: revert speedpull mag nerf, Better Bots, Silent Assassin (just a more aggressive way to play stealth tbh), mask unlockers, free preplanning/assets and other mods that simply make gameplay better instead of straight up giving you free 100% zerk. Hosts also banned me for using some of them, even though some of them did used BLM/cheated their skills.

Wolf is literally me I swear to god
I do also have many mods that are considered "questionable" By this awful community ngl
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