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Open for Mod Commissions, available for

  • Custom attachments (suppressors, magazines barrels etc)
  • Custom Scopes
  • Weapon Sound Packs
  • Custom Masks
  • Custom Mask Patterns
  • Weapon Rebalances
    Prices vary depending on the mods small number weapon rebalances start at $3 and go up depending on how many weapons you want rebalanced and how detauled you want the rebalance.

for custom attachments, masks etc you must be able to provide the assets for the item you want ported, you're commissioning me to port it to payday not spend an hour googling "{Item} 3D model" and trying to find a suitable asset.
prices for custom sttachments are not set atm but once i decided on a fair price it will be listed here.

Just Message me here or on Discord FrenchyAU#9425 to discuss what you'd like and we can discuss pricing

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