SuperBLT crashing

My SuperBLT is caushing crashes on startup without even showing the game windows, can someone help me by any chance?


SuperBLT needs to be updated, the recent update broke it.


any idea about the ETA?


does the BLT work now? I had the same problem so i uninstalled payday 2 and now im waiting if it works


yes. you need to reinstall the newest version off the blt website


@glace it doesnt work i open payday 2 and then this message pops up: The application (0xc0000142) failed to start properly. Click OK to exit the application. i was excited but now im dissapointed should i delete payday 2 again or just wait for answer

also when i go to mods and logs theres a text file with the text:

05:04:32 PM Log: (C:\projects\payday2-superblt\src\debug\blt_debug.cpp:124) Command line: "C:\Games\PayDay 2\payday2_win32_release.exe"
05:04:32 PM Log: (C:\projects\payday2-superblt\platforms\w32\signatures\signatures.cpp:350) Scanning for signatures in payday2_win32_release.exe
05:04:33 PM WARNING: (C:\projects\payday2-superblt\platforms\w32\signatures\signatures.cpp:223) Failed to locate function node_from_xml

05:04:34 PM WARNING: (C:\projects\payday2-superblt\platforms\w32\signatures\signatures.cpp:223) Failed to locate function do_game_update

05:04:34 PM WARNING: (C:\projects\payday2-superblt\platforms\w32\signatures\signatures.cpp:223) Failed to locate function luaL_newstate

05:04:34 PM WARNING: (C:\projects\payday2-superblt\platforms\w32\signatures\signatures.cpp:223) Failed to locate function Archive_ctor

05:04:34 PM Log: (C:\projects\payday2-superblt\platforms\w32\signatures\signatures.cpp:379) Sigcache hit failed for function Archive_ctor
05:04:36 PM WARNING: (C:\projects\payday2-superblt\platforms\w32\signatures\signatures.cpp:304) Located too many instances of the asset loading function:


@randomdude751 idk much about modding, so just create a thread describing your problem and hopefully people who actually know stuff about it will help you

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