My game crashing after update 240.3 without crashlogs

Hello, my game crashes after update 240.3. Absolutely no errors, not even a crash log in PAYDAY 2/crash.txt. Does anyone know what this is connected with? How to fix it?



And I'm having the same issue as well, even without SuperBLT installed.
I still don't understand why no one bothered to answer here, because I have played PD2 before and with mods too and it worked fine before.


im not sure but i deleted the wsock32 file from my files then redownloaded superblt and it worked fine


sometimes my game likes to completely freeze and softlock my entire pc requiring me to sign out, or turn it off completely to fix it and it only started happening after the past few updates

pretty funny how these updates single handily broke my game more than u237 did lol


same issues game freezes have to turn off my pc and it repeats all over
oh well there goes my entire infamy grind to 100


im having the same issue
the gmae either just freezes and crashes to desktop without a crashlog
or it freezes and requires me to reset my PC

wtf is happening-


I think I made a good decision not updating my game, haha.

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