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Activate Multiple Gadgets Simultaneously
Version 1.0 | Last Updated: 02-10-2018, 11:11 PM
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I will never stop making pointless gadget mods
This mod will allow you to activate up to two gadgets at the same time. Any combination pair of lasers, flashlights, 45-degree sight/scope magnifier will work. 
(I got annoyed at the game for letting me use a laser and a scope, but not a laser, a scope, and a scope magnifier for when I wanna be ULTRA TACTICOOL.)

* This mod works with your default gadget-activation key, so for example, instead of "Off, Laser, Flashlight", the gadget order will be "Off, Laser, Flashlight, Laser+Flashlight." This hypothetically works with any number of weapon gadgets, though unless you have mods, you can only have up to four- two lasers, two flashlights, with the Jackal SMG + Twinkle Foregrip + LED Combo/Military Laser Module. Practically speaking, you'll probably only have two or three on any given weapon.

* This mod will not mark you as a cheater. 

If people want I can upload a stupid meme version where you activate all of the gadgets at once.  I didn't include this feature, or the ability to activate more than two at once, because it means you'll need to press the gadget button a whole lot more times to get the combination you want, and it's not a good solution.


Known issues:

* If you have more than one gadget active, other players will not see that you have any active gadgets at all! I will look into fixing this in some manner.

* Using multiple flashlights on the same weapon may cause the light glow to use the color from the wrong flashlight, while the main beam stays the same color. (It's not too noticeable.)

Throw questions or comments about this mod into the box below, or contact me on Discord.

If you have the Lasers+/New Networked Lasers mod, you do not need this mod, as ALL of its features are included in Lasers+ as of the latest version, Feb 10!

10 Feb 2018 | v 1.0
- Fixed a bug where the mod wasn't written yet

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02-13-2018, 12:32 AM
This Mod Seems Promising, I Will Download And Try, Then I Will Write My Thoughts ;3

02-11-2018, 03:47 AM
HUD elements are a little bit beyond the scope for me (hah "scope") but I'll see about it. I figured it'd be obvious enough for when lasers/flashlights are active, at least. The base game doesn't have an indicator for when a 45 degree/angled sight or magnifier are active either, so I suppose you're right about there possibly being a need- maybe I'll just add that to a separate mod, since that actually doesn't have anything to do with this mod.
Making angled sights tilt your gun is also very simple, but again would be more fitting for another mod. If there's demand for it, or I'm sufficiently bored, I can do it.


02-11-2018, 02:42 AM
i love you!!!

02-11-2018, 02:03 AM
[color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.7)]is it possible to add a little diddly to the HUD to indicate which gadgets are activated? i think it'd be useful for knowing when, if you have a laser/light and 45 RDS, when you have one of the two activated, if the RDS is active as well. or maybe it could be done like PocoHUD and HoxHUD used to do it, where your guy tilts the gun when switching to canted sights? Though that might be getting beyond the scope of what you wanted to do here.[/color]

02-11-2018, 12:48 AM
Don't worry, angled sights and 45 degree sights are supported, as the description says. 
Mind that this mod only lets you turn on the gadgets that you've applied to your weapons- it doesn't let you add anymore more modifications to the weapon itself than you could otherwise.

02-11-2018, 12:23 AM
What about angled sights/45 degree sights?