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PLA Arms - QBS-09
Version 1.11 | Last Updated: 12-28-2017, 06:32 PM
Status: Public
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This mod adds QBS-09 as a standalone secondary shotgun.

The QBS-09 is a semi-automatic, 12 Gauge, gas piston-operated Chinese shotgun manufactured by Norinco. It was adopted by the PLA and the PAP in 2009 as a standard combat-shotgun.

BeardLib is required.

Tactical Reloading and Custom attachments for custom weapons are recommended.

Supported Attachments:
-All sights
-All custom sights
-All ammo types
-All gadgets
-All barrel extensions
-Custom suppressor
-2 stock options
-Long barrel
-Tactical flashlight

-Drop "PLA Arms Pack - QBS-09" in mod_overrides.
- Changes how ammo pickup work (new ammo_pickup variable on main.xml)

- Fixed the bug where the weapon is tagged as 'having new weapon attachment unlocked' (Exclamation mark) on Inventory each time the game is started.
Model/Texture - Battlefield 4 (DICE/EA) and Counter-Strike: Online 2 (Valve/Nexon)
Tactical Flashlight and Security Heavy Suppressor model/texture - Insurgency (New World Interactive)

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