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I'm having trouble getting this mod to work, did u237 break this? I have the latest SuperBLT and BeardLib installed as of writing this.

(Owner)11 months ago(Edited)

Hi noikun, I didn't play PD2 for some times now and didn't test on U237. I'll try the update and see if this work properly or not, and try to see what i can do if it isn't.
I'll catch you up on this as soon as i can

EDIT : So, I tested with the latest update, both offline and online (and jeebus rice, online is so hard to join rn), and both with minimal setup (SuperBLT + BeardLib) and my usual modded setup, and it worked everytime without any issues. Do you have any logs regarding any mod related issue or something that could somehow conflict with the mod ?
Maybe you can also try and delete the savefile related to the mod config in "Mods/save/DMCCC.txt" to see if it work ""from scratch""


@tfkmaster Hey, sorry for letting you experience online u237 lol. I've narrowed down the mods that conflict with this one, it's Better Assault Indicator and Borderless Windowed Updated. If I put either of those mods in, DMCCC doesn't work. Let me know if you need anything like logs and such, and if you do, how/ where to get them.

Thanks for replying.

edit: fresh DMCCC install and playing on u238 with latest BeardLib

(Owner)11 months ago(Edited)

@noikun Hi, thanks for narrowing down the conflicts !

Unfortunatly, i don't have much free time to spend on investigating those at the moment, so I can't say honestly when i would work on it :(

You can maybe try to ask Dom for the BAI mod if he's still active on those. Maybe there is some compatibilities patch shenanigans he can do like he did on other HUD mods.
For the windowed borderless one, I don't really know where to start, but it could come from the viewport i'm using to render the little HUD for the ranks being not very good for windowed use or something.

In any case, i can't promise anything for the future but i'll keep that in mind as a priority for when i'll get back into it.

Thanks again and sorry for the inconveniance

P.S : IF someone have a fix or anything to contribute to the mod, you can send me the stuff, make a submod or anything. Don't hesitate to contact me so I can either integrate the stuff directly or link to your stuff in the description (and get you credited in any case of course)


@tfkmaster Thanks for the attention you've put into this. Do feel free to work on this whenever you feel like it or just not at all, I only play PD2 every now and then so it's not a huge deal. And if I do, I'd just omit BAI and Borderless Windowed for this :D

Great work on the mod, this is exactly what I was looking for a few months back. +1

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