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akimbo version for the funsies in the future?


I saw that your MW2019 M4A1 was unlisted, in revamp perhaps?

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Yep. I dont mind linking it if people are still looking for it, but it's unlisted at the moment to re gather the parts I missed (Ziptie Blueprint/the anime one) and for animation considerations.

I still got a bit of spare money from Krayola for my limited contributions to the MDR, and I plan to throw the rest of it at playbonk for things like the Reach Shotgun, MCX Spear, MA40, etc.

For the MW2019 M4A1, part of me wants to just throw that M16 XM4 anim I comissioned (the Surefire compatible ones) onto the M4A1 to save money for other weapons ... but then that makes the actual XM4 feel less unique of a weapon.
A different part of me wants to throw more money at Playbonk, but to get 416C/Bootleg animations with a regular STANAG magazine, to finally have a AR15+Vertical Grip animation set for custom weapons, then use that Vertical Grip anim set for the M4A1.

It's been a bit of an internal struggle on which animation path would be the most satisfying versus saving the most amount of money for future projects.

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