Place to post requests or ideas for mods that you'd like to see
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unlock the copycat perk deck without needing the community goal?014 hours ago
doom mod315 hours ago
Gunshot Echo01 day ago
Remove the power boxes from counterfeit13 days ago
underbarrel grenade launcher/shotgun for all weapons?04 days ago
PD3 Hud mod for PAYDAY 219 days ago
[Request] My Actual Code from There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension as a Heist Track012 days ago
[Request] Goofy Cop Death Sounds013 days ago
[REQUEST] Mod that changes between set outfits every heist115 days ago
Enemy redesigns from gameplay overhauls as standalone mods118 days ago
player joining status for "prevent pausing when someone joins" mod users118 days ago
Increase OVE9000's effective range023 days ago
BringBackBessy suspension appeal11 month ago
Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold war Maxis01 month ago
remove flashbang beeping and blinking11 month ago
Glowing Clownbyte Mask01 month ago
One Down toggle in career mode/lost tapes01 month ago
punish players who kills a certain number of civilians11 month ago
Kintsugi Crew but is the PD1 masks models.01 month ago
call of duty modern warfare 2 campaigne remastered mod pack01 month ago
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