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Hi, this is wither2008. You can also call me "w2k". Or call me "Hatate", if you want.
I can say Chinese and English, and I can read some Japanese.

I make a lot of anime mods. If you don't like Anime, RUN.
It's okay to hate anime, but it's not okay to hate a person just because he loves anime.

I really need more track music recommandation now. As long as it's touhou music, fell free to tell me in comment/Steam/Bilibili.

I can't upload some of my works for some weard reason, idk, MWS just delete my files for several times.
If you want them, here they are. I recently used them in my videos.

Nevermind, it seems that these music have copyright issues that I never pay attention to.
These tracks will be no longer downloadable.
Again, sorry for annoying MWS Team for multiple times.

Q: I think your mod is garbage. Stop it.
A: No. I won't stop unless I somehow died IRL. Give me more information about why you think it's garbage, and I will see if I can fix it.

Q: What kinds of music do you like?
A: My touhou random heist track packs already answered this question. Basically, eurobeat and trance (especially psy-trance). maybe other stuff. I also prefer music that has vocal.

Q: About your Beardlib mods...
A:I had renamed all mods that have a "beardlib" in their names to avoid someone searched "beardlib" and see tons of my mods. That will be awkward.

Q: CustomOST is no longer useable. Stop using CustomOST.
A: But CustomOST is working properly for me. Although all of my music mods have a BeardLib version now, they might have tons of bugs and mistakes. Please tell me when you think you found one.

Q: More information about you?
A: I'm the worst DSOD player in this community. That's everything you have to know.

Q: Please make XXX...!
A: Ask me on my Steam page. If you have BiliBili account, feel free to DM me. I'm not a programmer, so...

None of my track mods' music is made by myself.
I do not own the copyright of these musics.
They are only for personal use.


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