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i fucking DESPISE joy with every fiber of my being. Every time I fucking look at her it makes me furious. She comes across as an obsessed fangirl that desperately wants to ride on the PAYDAY gang's cock. Her mask, typically admired for being one of the only interesting ones in the game, is stupid. It flashes images across it of the other payday gang's default masks, literally robbing them of their image. Joy has no iconography of her own. Her van. her fucking van Don't even get me started. When fully upgraded it has a picture of dallas's mask on it, further exasperating the eyesore that she is. All of her visual design screams "please let me into the gang omg im your biggest fan". Instead of a suit or anything resembling it, she wears featureless jeans and a jacket. She demolishes the game's visual style with her mere presence. Her gloves are fucked, despite being thick fabric gloves they make her fingers look unbelievably tiny. Their texture is incompatible with the 3D space of the game's engine, creating aliasing whenever they move around on the screen. Not to mention nearly every sentence that comes out of her stupid mouth. Joy is the nerdy guy from the 2017 salaminati event, only instead of being played off for laughs he's allowed into the gang directly. She is void of actual personality and featureless aside from being a caricature of people who enjoy PAYDAY 2. She is a joke that was funny for the first minute and a half, but gets repeated for so long that you get tired of hearing it. And because of her waifu status, thousands of goon addicts will select her before joining your lobby. She is an insult. She is worse than Ethan and Hila. At the very least they're just stupid and obnoxious, and the people who play them are aware of this and exploit that to piss people off.

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