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Current Community National Secretary/Guardian Squadron Director for Cauldron Ltd. where I oversee the open-world hunting simulation deep-story action-adventure realistic atmospheric singleplayer-only shooter-slash-psychological horror RPG Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2011. Currently a Sales Professional for the largest door-to-door petrol salesman group in the Mid-south-eastern-west area. If I'm not at work, I'm overseeing my GalNet community and shooting the shit in Chaser and other Bohemia games. I work with a handful of very talented modders here in the Vector Velocity community to bring you new mods like libraries, lemon cat tables, NFTs, Skin spots (early atrophy) and more. I formerly worked as an engineer for the 140 year old family owned vacuum cleaner brand Bissel (Stylized BiSSEll) In Afurayo Province in Tajikistan.

I got my Doctorate in MRE Engineering from Patriot Bible University in 2005. I am fluent in 11 languages due to my time spent in San Francisco as a taco truck. My grade-point-average (GPA) is 6.9 due to my exceptional skill in all fields of academia and agriculture. I have travelled the world, from the slums of Dubai to the skyscrapers of South Africa to advance the cognitive-inertial processes of the adaptive-response artificial intelligence prototypes I was working on at the time.

You may know me due to my recent publication of "Artificial Intelligence: What does it mean to you and your family's safety?" By Roi de l'Argent. It catapulted my career into the mainstream, bringing my work to the forefront of public discourse and cementing my name in history as one of the Finest Minds of our generation. The report recieved wide praise from all sides of the debate for its mature, neutral yet powerful piecing together and reporting on one of the most complex issues of our time. It requires a steady hand and a firm grip of the issue to engineer a positive conclusion. I can provide that.

The reason why I am applying at Chiang Robotics is that I believe I can bring something to the management of this company to help create more Cloud-Native Platforms with Hyperdynamic core faculties to the robotics department of this company.

I live at 7354 Mararain Point in Avignon. I now work from home due to advancement in Distributed Cloud technology that helps boost AI Neuro-advancement Thoretics. This allows me to work productively and effectively despite the lockdowns and curfews due to Martial Law being declared.


How I spent my time at Cauldron Ltd.

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