3.3.1 Update Changelog


  • Changed game + home page to use the filterable mods list instead to skip on needing to click on browse mods + making it faster.
  • Made mods count more accurate for games and users.
    Note: it is still inaccurate with collaborators. Unfortunately it introduces too much of a performance hit for me to make that work at the moment.
  • Improves performance of getting mods a bit.
  • Now announcements are actually parsed with markdown and not trimmed.
  • File names no longer get version & mod ID attached to them.
    Reasoning: PD3 mods rely on a special prefix and suffix which MWS may cause issues for. If it's an issue, please make an issue in the fourms and I'll try to find some solution.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix users being able to spam post mods and comments.
  • Fix broken thread title on mobile.
  • Fix save float not disappearing on user settings page.
  • Fix broken formatting on many localization strings.
  • Fix broken images causing ratelimits (ie blocked by ad blocker for unknown reasons).
  • Fix broken rules link.
  • Fix banned users not being able to appeal.
  • Fix being able to see the block options in your own profile.


  • Fix announcements overflow.
  • Fix user profile box not being full width on mobile.
  • Changed how game boxes look.
  • Fit more games into latest games view.
  • Some adjustments to mods view.
  • Some adjustments in smaller resolutions.
  • Moved follow button out of the more menu in user profile.

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