3.3 Update Changelog

MWS 3.3 Update

Note: the two first major updates should be considered as 3.1 and 3.2 updates respectively.



  • Optimized mod page
    • Unseen tabs no longer load in the background.
    • Comments load only when seen.
    • Optimized API request for mods to be faster.
  • Thread list only load now when seen to make loading a bit faster.
  • Global site changes to make it a bit more speedy.
  • Updated PHP to 8.2 (which is faster than 8.1), thanks Kash!


  • Added Mark All as Read button in the notifications window.
  • Category gets selected automatically when clicking on post while selecting a category.
  • Added comments & threads page on user profile to allow you to see your posts (private/moderators)
  • You can now right click on more notifications and Go to Content on reports.
  • ?comment query parameter on mod/thread page will now prompt the site to look for the right page of the comment.
  • Made the search box on selects auto focus when opening them.
  • Added a link for browsing mods on header.
  • Added a link for translation site on header.
  • Added more dropdown on header and put wiki, translations and rules there.
  • Added a new About Us page.
  • Improved user deletion page to prevent accidental deletes.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed regular users not being able to pin comments on their mod/thread.
  • Fixed mention highlighting emails in addition to breaking email linking.
  • Fixed game threads failing to move you to the right page for categories.
  • Fixed mark as read button moving you to the notification.
  • Fixed pagination on notifications page.
  • Fixed user getting notified twice on mention + comment subscription.
  • Fixed possible cases where the API function for comment page gets it wrong.
  • Fixed save float not disappearing when saving.
  • Fixed page breaking when searching too quickly (Vue bug so may happen somewhere, but not sure).
  • Fixed replying causes it to be "edited".
  • Fixed missing localization for changelog description.
  • Fixed images not getting updated on mod page when going back from editing.
  • Fixed some game admin pages not working.
  • Fixed thread title overflow.
  • Fixed not being able to unset instructions template.


  • Added a limit for comment's height forcing them to have a scrollbar instead.
  • Moved a few user profile controls into a separate dropdown.
  • Revamped header search bar
  • Adjusted game creation page a bit.
  • Make mod tabs scroll on mobile.
  • Move time to its own line in mods grid.

Other Changes

  • Publish mod is now hidden when mod is sent for approval due to the mod getting auto published on approval anyway.
  • Added captcha to login & register page.
  • Changed embedding of games a bit.

I'm aware of performance issues and trying my best to resolve them. It's due to an increased traffic with the release of PD3.

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