Unofficial Modding FAQ!!! -- Click Here to start your Modding Journey, Heister!

Hello, As I gather info on the most FAQ when it comes to Modding PD3 I will put it in here. The thread is also going to contain any and all info for you modders out there! this contains both Modding Support (How to set up mods, How to Download Mods and general FAQ) and Mod Tutorials (How to setup your mods, and make your own! With its own FAQ too!)

Modding Support:

To install mods, you need a folder to hold your PAKs (stands for Pie Accelerated Knowledge I promise). To set one up you need to find your PAYDAY 3 folder (You can do so by going to your library and then rightclicking PAYDAY 3 and finding the button to open the files)

When you find the folder go to PAYDAY 3 > Content > PAKS > ~mods
if you do not have a "~mods" folder create one with the same name in the PAKS folder.
Once you are done you now can place any PAKS you have in "~mods".

You aren't done yet though, You'll need to go to the Advanced Options and then add this "-fileopenlog" to launch options

Once, close all of the things you have opened and launch PAYDAY3. If it crashes, try reducing the mods or trying new mods, sometimes its just a broken mod that causes it, or an update to the game.

once you've verified the game works you can now use your mods in game! (I recommend the ADHD Phone personally)

Thread Still WIP. Contribute while replying some stuff you have learned modding and making mods for the game, I will add it to the appropriate sections and rework the above section.


If you have any ideas for what to add or what to reword LMK!


will there be a tutorial on how to mod pd3?


There are many out there, I suggest joining the Mod Workshop discord and asking if you want to find some, I'm reading a bunch and trying to put it all into this neat thread


is there not a way to mod the Gamepass version?


No, not currently anyways.


would like to know how to create mods too, looking to make some of my own but i've never used unreal engine and the moolah modding guide is very confusing to me

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