Site Update 2023-08-07

Hello everyone,

This new update focuses on fixing a few bugs, improving the speed of the site and a few touch ups.

  • Improved performance when navigating in game page, mod page and threads.
  • Adjusted design of the page a bit, user stat is now always down left.
  • Changed list/grid mod stat counter to have one floating value (instead of 2k, 1.5k to avoid excessive rounding).
  • Changed mod stats to more readable number format (based on locale) so English - instead of 12345, 12,345.
  • Fixed thread announcements not expiring.
  • Fixed tables on mobile in mod pages.
  • Fixed view counter counting nonstop.
  • Added version hash to the site to be able to tell what specific build the site is on.
  • Added a few help texts.
  • Added forum categories description.
  • List markdown tool now handles multiple lines properly.

Remember, you can always report issues or suggest ideas in the discord server or here


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