Where's the Followed Mods only Section?

hi, im new to this, dont know if this is the right place to ask this question.
but on this site where can i find my "Followed Mods" only section? I remember back then we have that separated?
so far i can only see Likes and Downloads... Thanks is advance!

Why do i need the Followed Mods only section?
-----well do you know how Some mods are self-updating? and some are not?

  1. what I did was i LIKED and FOLLOWED mods that are NOT Self-Updating --- so its easier to track them... in case they suddenly get an update on this Site.. i just pop my Followed Mods Section and i can immediately see which ones received an update.. so i can download them..

  2. and for mods that are Self-Updating? i only LIKED them to show support.. didnt Follow them because they get updated as i launch my game anyways

i'm fd if i dont find the Followed Mods only section because i'll have to scan through hundreds of mods I liked/downloaded
just to see which ones of the none Self-Updating mods got updated on this site.

So overall, i think theres a problem to be fixed here? maybe add a Filter on my Downloads and Liked sections "Mods that dont have the Self-Updating Tag" lmao i dont know, just a way to separate Self-updating mods and Not self-updating mods on my list


In the home page?


ohhh crap thats a big dumb moment xD i had Payday 2 bookmarked i didnt bother looking at the Homepage thank you so much!

we can close this now

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