Mod Idea: Music Script for last hiester standing.

I had this Mod Concept for payday 3 that I personally think is a cool concept for the game itself, unsure on how to go on about it. the idea originated surprisingly from playing black ops 2 on Mob of the dead, where in a game when they're is only but 1 person remaining the song last man standing plays and it gave me the idea to go about maybe a mod that in the correct circumstances would play a song similar and or open the idea to mods and customisation to add your own songs ect.

I personally like the idea to have your own kinda song to add as a last man standing song to maybe put pressure and make moments feel more tense. could also add multiple options for different heists but again I am unfamiliar with unreal engine and or modding with it. I just wanted to give my idea and maybe inspiration for a mod that I personally would like but unsure whether anyone else would like a mod similar.



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