Site Update - 3.4.5

MWS 3.4.5

  • Fixed approvals page overflowing in lower resolutions.
  • Increased clickable area for image viewer arrow buttons to prevent accidentally clicking outside of it.
  • Fixed a visual bug showing the upload progress in the wrong file.
  • Added select boxes for banner, thumbnail in edit mod page.
  • Improved the light theme and some changes to default pics.
  • Slight change to breadcrumbs. New arrow icon.
  • Switched to hcaptcha and some more changes to prevent spam bots.
  • Feat: supporter background in mods and profiles. Example:

    This is a supporter feature which means that it'll only work for supporters. We are trying to find new ways to be able to sustain ourselves since unfortunately ad revenue isn't doing great in the last few months. So consider supporting us.

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