Buff sounds are strange

I was looking into how to replace buff sounds so I could swap out the Edge gain/loss sound when I noticed something a little strange. In-game you can definitely and plainly hear that gaining and losing buffs plays a unique sound, one for gaining the buff, and one for losing it. When you look at the related files however, there is only one sound for buffs - best I can tell, this sound uses the stereo channels as two separate sound files, so the left channel plays when gaining a buff and the right channel plays when losing the buff. So, what's the problem? Just replace the channels with the sounds, right?

Well, using current methods (Bence's Uexp Utility) this doesn't work. Instead of playing the correct sound, it plays both sounds in stereo at the same time. At this point I'm not 100% sure if I'm going crazy and there never really were unique buff gain/loss sounds and I'm looking too deeply into something that doesn't exist, or I'm trying to do something that we just don't have the tools for.


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