3.4.4 Update Changelog

Bug fixes, small changes & new supporter perk.

  • Fixed user dropdown not closing when clicking any button.
  • Fixed mod page not showing more than 5 files.
  • Changed files per page to 10, decreased the size of them so they fit better.
  • Decreased image viewer transition fade a bit.
  • Sped up some animations.
  • Fixed custom color for supporters defaulting to primary color when setting it as an invalid color.
  • Fixed not being able to see likes in your mod.
  • Fixed game admins being able to see mods waiting for approval that are not part of their game.
  • Feat: supporter new perk: increased mod storage. Supporters now get increased mod storage up to 2GB. This storage increase will be given only to the owner of the mod and will stay only while supporting (Files are kept always). Do note, we still provide an increased storage to some mods that really need it (per request).

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