ModWorkshop needs your Support

Hello, unfortunately due to ad revenue being extra down january, faburary (and possibly this month too), we would like to ask for donations for the site.
Either through Tsuna (owner of the site) via which allows ad removal and more

We highly appreciate your donations 💖


Post-covid ad industry crash (70% less income), Yearly January Ad Crash and the cost of living crisis that Tsuna is experiencing and the initial failure of Payday 3.

What happened to the previous donations?

We moved to a different ad publisher, this transition took time and so the donations (including the one by starbeeze) went there.

General cost for the site

We earn "enough" money via ads to be legally required to be a company and as such have to deal with extra expenses (insurance and other legal stuff) as result.
That can push the operating cost to almost 1000 per month with everything included.
This includes office address and insurance (both legally mandatory in Germany).

We hope such situations don't repeat themselves. Some steps are being done to try preventing these issues in the future.
Tsuna is looking into cheaper accommodation and government support in order to be able to support the site better.


The donations, including Starbreeze's, went to the ad publisher? Am I reading this wrong? How does that legally work?
Also, how important was PAYDAY 3's launch for the site's traffic? Was it so catastrophic that people stopped coming to MWS?

Man, what a headache of a situation.


Moving to a different ad publisher takes time and due to payment being delayed by two months (almost sure every ad publisher works this way) this meant having to pay for said month using other means.


PAYDAY 2's modding scene is still alive to some extent, but definitely not the same as it was before. PD3 was what we hoped would push the site for a few more years.
It failing essentially means less people interested in PAYDAY which means less people interested in modding PAYDAY.


paypal the only way?


To my knowledge, I'll check with Tsuna regarding alternative options.


So first you delete some mods to please the ad publishers, and then you ask for money because these publishers that get to decide the rules of this site don't pay enough ?
Nice circus you got there.


The ad publisher hasn't dictated anything, all deleted mods were moderator decision. You can't just generalize all mods we deleted over a long period of time as "to please ad publisher" and the issue is far more complex than "ad publisher not paying enough".
The only situation close to that was years ago asking to not host NSFW content on the site, we decided to stop hosting them in our own volition.


i just made a little donation once i become more financally stable i'll be bigger ones


thank you!


Glad I'm finally able to financially afford to support this site after almost 10 years of basically leeching off the modding support of PD2 and giving back to the community that made the longevity of that game even happen.


Thank you!

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