payday 2 "Failed Joining game" :(

i redownloaded payday 2 a week ago and i looked everywhere and i cant find a fix anywhere, basically any game i join, its stuck on "waiting for game to respond" for a little bit, then i get "failed joining game" afterwards, friends from epic/steam cant join me too, here's what i tried as a fix:

-port forwarding

-DMZ for my ip

  • "-steamMM" as a launch command (worked but i can only see 2 lobbies and cant play with my friend in epic :'( ).

-resetting the router.

-"ipconfig/flushdns" command.

-playing from an alternate epic account, still cant join lobbies.

-enabling everything in network settings.

what else should i do to fix this? i can't find a fix anywhere, other online games work fine with no problems, once i install them i can play online easily.

  • Do you have mods installed? Some very specific mods can change the matchmaking key (namely, cheat mods or gameplay-changing mods). Try playing without any mods whatsoever and see if you are able to connect to other players. If you are, that will tell you broadly where the problem is.
  • Make sure you have removed the -steamMM option. This option will prevent you from connecting with the main playerbase.

i tried playing without any mods, and the problem is still there, i reinstalled the game too and verified it without putting any mods, and there was nothing wrong, i also removed steamMM because while using it i find little to no players.

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