Wednesday Enthusiast's Payday 3 Modding Guide

My Public Payday 3 Modding Guide

I am in no way an expert on modding, but here is all the knowledge and tips I have learned about the mods I have created. There are some sections that I am still working on and whenever I learn how to mod something new I add to this document.

Follow the TOC, so you are not overwhelmed by the number of pages :p

  • Information on: Setup, Dependencies, Tools I Use (all free), Unreal Engine, FModel, Repak, and more.
  • Guides for: Texture Replacements, Intro/Loading Screen, Menu/Interface, and Audio.

i have never seen someone so committed to a character in my life, very impressed keep it up


everything is quite useful but there is one problem: how to find Unreal Engine 4.27.2

  1. Download the Epic Games Launcher and follow its instructions.
  2. Once fully installed and while in the Epic Games Launcher, go to “Unreal Engine” on the left panel → “Library” → plus icon next to “Engine Versions”. (You won’t see 4.27.2 like in my image).
  3. Once you hit the plus icon, click the dropdown menu on the version and scroll to where 4.27.2 is and install it.

I provided another image to show where the dropdown menu is. I hope this clears up the confusion.


@wednesdayenthusiast What helped me was that the guide said to install Unreal Engine, I started the installation, added another version and it fixed for me

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