I'm having trouble extracting and importing models into Blender.

As the title says, I extract the models using "Diesel Bundle Viewer and Diesel Model Tool," then I convert them to .obj format using "PAYDAY-2-Hashlist." However, when I import it into Blender or open it with the 3D viewer of Windows, there's only a white rectangle.


You should use GLTF/GLB format when working on payday models since it has support for all the features and is the most tested. Your issue might be from a culling box being displayed over the actual mask though I don't think I've seen masks with culling boxes before. It's hard to say without seeing how it looks on your end. What mask did you import? And maybe you can attach a screenshot of how it looks in blender for you?

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Hi, i'm trying to import weapons models, not masks. idk how to attach screnshots, i don't see the option here, but here some links:


And i already try that of export them to gltf/glb, and the result is pretty much the same, the only difference is that the rectangle is small.


@cyberachiever in that case you need to import the individual parts, as the main weapon model is just an empty.

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