Update to the sandboxing part of upload rule 7

For mods that fall under submission rule 7 (cheat mods) that could previously be uploaded by sandboxing them, the moderation team has decided to include the following conditions (on top of the existing ones) for the sandbox:

  • A sandboxed cheat may not award achievements or progress challenges
  • A sandboxed cheat may not award progress (levels, EXP) in the game

The rules section will be updated with these details as soon as possible.
Mods that violate these rules will be suspended and can be appealed once they adhere to these new rules.


oh thats why my mods got removed thanks for clarifying i couldnt find it on rule 7 there was nothing of this so yea :D il prob upload my cheat mods or like easier maps somewhere else for my followers hehe so yep :/


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