Payday 2: How to open the default normal map textures in Photoshop for editing
Please note when you open them in photoshop it will open with a black texture if this is not done.

Ok, the first thing you will need is ddsview as Photoshop by default won't open up the dds formats when you simply change the file from .texture to .dds and it's difficult (or I find it difficult) to edit normal maps in GIMP: Site, Download

That should be it :)

Any problems, any disputes about if it works or not, yell at me and I will amend it.

My original workshop item from January:
Very nice and helpful tutorial, beefy. Until now I had a different atempt on creating the normal maps but I tried this method. It worked pretty well.
The only thing I had to do a little bit differently was pulling down the saturation because the normal texture appeared to be red.
But asides from this it's a great way to edit the normal maps.
Thanks for the tutorial.
[VAL$T] Wolf
What is those following settings?
your images are dead.

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