[Request] Adding Rmb-93 shotgun as a custom weapon
Can anyone please mod in this shotgun into the game. 
[Image: fc93c521a1b7ac2359fb12082885cc8a.jpg]

The weapon can possibly be ported from Tom Clancey's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
ATM we can't inject custom first-person animations into PAYDAY 2 - all we've gotten is an extremely crude method of parsing SMD animations that only safely works in menus, and even then it barely works to begin with because rotation in PAYDAY 2 is extremely wonky and a total pain in the rear to convert to. Which means that, until we either get an updated SMD parser that works in first person and takes kindly to rotations or someone leaks OVERKILL's in-house animation compiler(s), an RMB-93 is going to be impossible seeing as you pump it forward instead of backward like on a normal shotgun.

All of this being said though, the moment we get some means of modifying/replacing animations for this game I'd be more than happy to port an RMB-93. That gun saved my life more times than I would like to admit in GR: FS, and of course the level of complexity behind customization in GR: FS would take nicely to PAYDAY 2.
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GRFS is probably too old to look good, even on Payday 2 shader. Coupled with the fact that its 3rd Person
SC Blacklist is probably a better alternative, but havent seen much rip from that game

now I remember why there's one more source for the gun that are easy to get

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