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hi, i was wondering how i can convert a .dds file back to a .texture file. I can change a .texture file to .dds but not the other way around. Someone help?

The problem probably comes from the compression when saving the dds file.
What tool did you use to edit and save the dds?

Just to confim: If you convert a .texture to a .dds then convert it back to a .texture without any edition, is it working better ?
With Photoshop CS6 I use these settings and it works fine.

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I think he means purely the file extensions being hidden once they are recognised by his computer
.dds is recognised as a photoshop extension, and doesn't show up at the end of a file name.

What you want to do is go into your folder options, and somewhere it'll have a tickbox marked "show file extension for known file types"
Tick that box, and you will be good to go

I don't understand exactly the issue; if it's doing what AJ says I'd suggest listening to him.

If you're talking about making the .dds into .texture again; rename, change the .dds into .texture again (It'll ask you if you want to change the extension and give you some noise about it becoming unstable, just click yes and it'll work as a .texture again)

.dds and .Texture are the same thing just with a different file extension; I know that because I was looking at this a while back myself and have recently started doing mask pattern/material mod_overrides.
I compressed my .dds file using winRAR and then changed the extension in there xD

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