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Updated PDTH Heat Suit for Dallas
Version Updated | Last Updated: 01-13-2018, 01:58 AM
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"Hoxton found my Old Suit back from 2011 in the Boxes of Papers. Not sure how it go there but it still fits"

Remember the PDTH Heat Suit pack Mr. Red did back in 2015? It was enjoyed by a lot by the Community & was a favorite to me.

It was a sad day when Update 102 came along & destroyed along with other beloved Suit Mods, but recently I went & recreated the PDTH Heat Dallas Suit for the simple reason of, "It need an Update", so I did just that.

Note-able Problems:
The Shoulders on Dallas' Jacket (3rd Person Model) are a bit off but the File I had to work with on the Revamp/Recreations was tiny
The Arms of Dallas' Jacket (1st Person Model) are also a bit off but again, tiny file to work with

I recommend the PDTH Hoxton Suit by Jarey & Wolf & Chains' Formal Attireby Higgue to get the Full PDTH Vibe

And for more Nostalgia, the Original PDTH Mask Modshould give you more of the PDTH feeling as well with the Old Goofy looking masks
1.0 Updated from Pre 102 Models to 102 Models
Mr. Red for the PDTH Heat Suit Pack

Jarey for the PDTH Hoxton Suit

Higgue for the Formal Attire Pack

Medic Bag anyone?

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01-13-2018, 08:30 AM

Perfect! What about the other ones? I like the ones from the Heat Suits mod a lot more.

That was planned at the time of Re-vamping Dallas' Heat Suit but I noticed somethings that would seem like a Somewhat Reupload of another mod or just to Hard for me to understand doing

[Wolf/Hoxton's Heat Suits]

Wolf & Hoxton's Heat suits aren't too creative but theyre nice & good looking. Its mainly the fact that people have uploaded tons of Black & White Suit mods which isnt something I like. Vibrancy is Key in my somewhat Color Blinded Eyes & its a shame because People with a lot to work with tend to stay in the box & do basic things which is why Wolf isnt in this, its out there in like ton of people's hands.

Hoxton on the other hand has an HD Heat Suit in the High Quality Improved Suits Reborn pack & Hell, Wolf's there too. I mainly make Mods that help support Others & not just myself because I care about the people who put Effort into there mods, were I just slap crap together & say "Done" before they are.

[Chains' Heat Suit]

Chains' Heat Suit is a good looking suit too but I haven't been able to find decent Pinstripe on Google to slap onto his textures & my Mouse isnt working real well ATM for it to do Straight enough lines. If anything ask Jarey, the PDTH Hoxton Suit creator, to because hes pretty dedicated to this kind of stuff. He Redid a whole suit From Scratch just for others to enjoy, not just himself. He'd be willing to do it if you ask

Sorry for the long response but I needed to shed some light on people who do the Labor in the Fields & not in the Watchtower

01-13-2018, 03:41 AM
Perfect! What about the other ones? I like the ones from the Heat Suits mod a lot more.

01-13-2018, 02:18 AM
have an upvote, you beautiful bastard