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Bag Simulator: The Heist
Version 1.06 | Last Updated: 09-15-2017, 04:15 AM
Filetype: application/octet-stream
MD5: de57a01c4bb7ad0aa417312b5393cbc5
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For the people who like to kill and not want to do lots of objectives. This is the heist for you.

Just living allows you to get bags, and killing targets allows you to get more. Use the bags, throw them over the walls (where the text is) and they can be used to get more assets to allow you to survive and get more cash.

This heist is my first custom heist, and it might have some rough parts that don't work really well. I am looking into fixing it and making it better but would like feedback or ideas to add to it. Feel free to say them in the comments.
- Added Heist

- Added Easy mode
  • Used for people who don't even want to secure bags. Now you can kill in peace.
- Changed AI pathing
- Added waypoints

- Fixed crashes
- Fixed planning description (You are welcome Zdann)

- Fixed my idiocy, now you can actually do assets in corners
- Changed medkits and ammo to shelves, no longer will host be marked as cheater

- Fixed med and ammo assets
- Added Trashcan waypoint
- Fixed experience amount/bag
- Fixed Crash on Zeal Spawn

- Fixed flare interaction being on by default
- Changed Dozer spawn at start, now less spawn on OVK-Mayhem.
- Changed roof, no longer has gas but has fences to block you off
- Changed Friendly Sniper so he is now invulnerable.
- Changed Instructions text
- Added plank between roof and building next to maze
- Added cop drop off point
- Fixed some AI navigation
- Optimized loading times
- Added enemy snipers

- Fixed crash on Zeal spawn (again)
- Fixed crash on flare start
- Reduced spawn rate of Zeal dozers a little bit

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09-16-2017, 09:26 PM
Thanks for letting me know. Now I can grind even more on OVK with no problems or do normal for more bags faster. Keep up the good work

09-16-2017, 09:18 PM

On easy it only spawns 1 bag every 2 minutes. Same as normal mode without bag increase. Meth bag spawns every 100 kills, plus an extra 3 bags when you hit 500 kill milestone. These are supposed to repeat but sometimes don't (I have no idea why)

09-16-2017, 09:14 PM
How often does a bag spawn on the map when doing auto collection and how often does the coke bag spawn?

09-16-2017, 09:50 AM
Good news! Is just a OVK crash. Excelent work ^^

09-16-2017, 08:30 AM
@[Vzla] Tak_Riuto

Funny, I was actually just looking at the shoutbox and how you were playing it ahah. Happy you like it.

Mind telling me what mods you have? Because that doesn't look like anything that has to do with my map, but I do not know.

09-16-2017, 08:26 AM
Excelent and fun map, but i have a crash in escape:c

Application has crashed: C++ exception
[string "lib/managers/jobmanager.lua"]:656: attempt to index a nil value


check_add_heat_to_jobs() lib/managers/jobmanager.lua:603
at_enter() lib/states/missionendstate.lua:216
at_enter() lib/states/victorystate.lua:14
trans_func() lib/states/gamestate.lua:22
_do_state_change() core/lib/utils/game_state_machine/coregamestatemachine.lua:124
end_update() core/lib/utils/game_state_machine/coregamestatemachine.lua:104
end_update() lib/setups/setup.lua:784
end_update() lib/setups/gamesetup.lua:719
end_update() lib/setups/networkgamesetup.lua:33



         payday2_win32_release  (???)     ???                                                 
         payday2_win32_release  (???)     ???   

09-15-2017, 02:20 AM

Yeah, fixing both of those soon. I accidentally removed some packages that I thought were useless.
Forgot what they were for, they are fixed in the newest version (also making After opening the door a little easier but still difficult)

09-14-2017, 08:28 PM
Works fine for me but needed to remove WolfHUD to start the heist pre preplaning

09-14-2017, 07:48 PM
"Think one, think two" event crashes when playing on any difficulty that isn't One Down, related to unit spawning behind the door.
Application has crashed: access violation



        payday2_win32_release  (???)     ???                                                
        payday2_win32_release  (???)     ???                                                
        payday2_win32_release  (???)     ???                                                
        payday2_win32_release  (???)     ???                                                
        payday2_win32_release  (???)     ???                                                
        payday2_win32_release  (???)     ???                                                
        payday2_win32_release  (???)     ???                                                


Current thread: Main
Script stack:
                    produce()  lib/managers/mission/elementspawnenemydummy.lua:83  
                on_executed()  lib/managers/mission/elementspawnenemydummy.lua:155  
        execute_on_executed()  core/lib/managers/mission/coremissionscriptelement.lua:209  
_trigger_execute_on_executed()  core/lib/managers/mission/coremissionscriptelement.lua:147  
                on_executed()  core/lib/managers/mission/coremissionscriptelement.lua:131  
                on_executed()  lib/managers/mission/missionscriptelement.lua:18    
                          f()  core/lib/managers/mission/coreelementplaysound.lua:37  
                     update()  core/lib/utils/coreevent.lua:158                    
                     update()  core/lib/managers/mission/coremissionmanager.lua:529  
fs_original_missionmanager_update()  core/lib/managers/mission/coremissionmanager.lua:160  
                     update()  @mods/Full                                          

Also, interacting with the flare (properly this time after meeting criteria) also crashes the game.
Application has crashed: access violation



        payday2_win32_release  (???)     ???                                                
        payday2_win32_release  (???)     ???                                                
        payday2_win32_release  (???)     ???                                                
        payday2_win32_release  (???)     ???                                                
        payday2_win32_release  (???)     ???                                                
        payday2_win32_release  (???)     ???                                                
        payday2_win32_release  (???)     ???                                                


Current thread: Main
Script stack:
       spawn_mission_effect()  core/lib/managers/coreenvironmenteffectsmanager.lua:130  
                play_effect()  core/lib/managers/mission/coreelementplayeffect.lua:44  
                on_executed()  core/lib/managers/mission/coreelementplayeffect.lua:29  
        execute_on_executed()  core/lib/managers/mission/coremissionscriptelement.lua:209  
_trigger_execute_on_executed()  core/lib/managers/mission/coremissionscriptelement.lua:147  
                on_executed()  core/lib/managers/mission/coremissionscriptelement.lua:131  
                on_executed()  lib/managers/mission/missionscriptelement.lua:18    
                on_executed()  lib/managers/mission/elementinteraction.lua:54      
              on_interacted()  lib/managers/mission/elementinteraction.lua:58      
             interact_start()  lib/units/interactions/interactionext.lua:2483      
                   interact()  lib/managers/objectinteractionmanager.lua:34        
                   original()  lib/units/beings/player/states/playerstandard.lua:2212  
     _check_action_interact()  @mods/base/req/core/Hooks.lua:260                  
      _update_check_actions()  lib/units/beings/player/states/playerstandard.lua:909  
master_PlayerStandard_update()  @mods/Full                                          
Swarm/lua/playerstandard.lua:10  update()                                            


09-14-2017, 02:33 PM
Awesome map man!
My run:

09-14-2017, 06:51 AM
@Leon S. ?
Also Im unsure if the snipers work...I did the same method that overkill does but I did around 10 minute heist without any spawning. I kind of wanted to add it anyways just to have a bigger playerbase to see if it works or not.

09-14-2017, 06:45 AM
@Leon S. ?
Hahah, I know :P I was just wanting to test how to add sniper really and have fun with it.

I will do try to figure that out and add them as soon as I can! Thanks for the suggestion

09-14-2017, 06:44 AM
@need for weed
I don't plan on it, its funny and I tried for hours trying to get a good animation to fix it. Nothing is good so Im keeping the enemy spawning dumpster.

09-14-2017, 04:04 AM
Some of the enemies crawl through the garbage bin to get to the roof.

Please don't remove it, it looks hilarious

09-14-2017, 03:07 AM
- Added enemy snipers

Can you possibly add the ability to barricade the windows and planks around the map?

09-13-2017, 07:37 AM
i hope that this request is makeable you dont have to but would be funny to have anyway im out bye have a great you all

09-13-2017, 07:37 AM
well lets just hope wolfhud gets a fix for that....because i want to play this with wolfhud i dont like the vanilla hud i thinks its kinda ugly but thats my opinion i hope there is maybe something more we you could add like an extension for 30 bags and this extension unlocks a staircase in the building that leads to another stage as you can imagine where you can buy more things absurd things like more enmy spawner special enemy spawner (so simply taht units get replaced with like play on normal do that and get gen sec units play on mayhem get zeal team like taht you know) and all that stuff like fun stuff taht would be my idea pretty absurd.....but would be pretty fun and maybe a challange oh and a dozer spawn increaser XD

09-13-2017, 12:52 AM
Thanks! It is a nice fun grinding heist where you don't need to do anything. Sorry for the troubles with Wolfhud, hopefully the thing Kju8 did helps fix it!

09-13-2017, 12:48 AM
@Der Fuzeler
@hoxgsten randomflash
i sent pull request that fix patch for this heist

09-13-2017, 12:44 AM
best money farming heist