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Gazer Stealth Sniper Perk Deck (currently broken)
Version 1.01 | Last Updated: 09-05-2017, 03:45 PM
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Edit: 12/19/2017 Unfortunately updates to Payday 2 have caused this mod to break in every online way and can only now be used if you are the host or are playing offline. It will disconnect you from a server you attempt to join almost every time now, claiming a failed connection to the host. I've lost almost all my care for PAYDAY 2 and highly doubt I will ever return and play it frequently enough again to motivate me to try and fix this mod (because all I'd be trying is tedious trial-and-error feature removal until something worked) so, I apologize to anyone that enjoyed this mod or found it a cool concept. If you want to try and fix it yourself, or build it from the ground up in a proper manner, which is not something I really did, go right ahead. You have my permission to reupload it in a 'fixed' version or 'rebooted' or 'remastered' or whatever you want, just please credit me as the original author of the concept. Thanks. I'll keep this post up for anyone that comes across this, sees the potential fun in a perk deck like this as I once did, and wants to take it on, or maybe a future update will somehow fix it. Either way, taa taa and have fun. Below is the original post contents)

Have you ever wished that vantage points in stealth missions weren't utterly useless compared to everything else you have at your disposal?

Do you enjoy sitting on a rooftop or cycling through cameras because you realize a dedicated spotter can be just as useful as an experienced sneaker?

Do you love the 'One-hit Wonder' play-style in general?

[Image: 54123750e7c63b15d5b50ecaa00b6b89--milita...police.jpg]

The Gazer stealth-sniper perk deck is crafted to provide ample advantage to players perched high up or far away from the objective of a stealth mission, as well as have viable One Down combat capabilities through the final cards with a very give-and-take balance to them.
The Gazer perk deck doubles as both an excellent stealth-sniper perk deck, and a very effective combat-sniper perk deck as well, though obviously with a very limited and specific play-style in order to utilize it to its fullest if you choose combat.

Card 1: "Glorified Spotter"
  • -40% armor
  • +20x mark distance
  • +125% sniper rifle reload speed
  • +30% pistol reload speed
  • +1 additional ECM if the ECM is your primary deployable
The first card provides the basics for specializing in the sniper+pistol combo-reliant play-style, but dinking a large chunk of armor as a result while also providing a few stealth-oriented bonuses you would usually have to invest skillpoints into obtaining.

Card 3: "Rooftop Liaison"
  • +850% deploy speed
  • +500% mark duration on highlighted targets
  • Long-distance camera looping
The third card is where the meat of the stealth bonuses the Gazer can provide to his team really shines. The deploy speed allows you to place down an ECM practically instantaneously, allowing a Gazer to bail out his teammates if he hears a camera beeping a little too quick for comfort, as well as give a very noticeable mark duration bonus that guarantees a Gazer is more valuable than a couple of spycam preplanning assets. Long-distance camera looping will also allow the Gazer to loop a camera from any distance away so long as he has line-of-sight of it, which is ideal for looping cameras your teammates cannot reach if they are too high or too far away.

Card 5: "Evasion Training"
  • Up to +30% movement speed when below 50% health
  • Armor slows you -75% as much
  • +200% weapon swap speed
The fifth card gives the Gazer extra mobility and a better means of reacting to an immediate emergency down below. If you're on Murky Station and need to strafe left and right constantly in order to keep as many guards highlighted as possible, the 30% speed bonus comes in very handy so long as you brought a molotov with you to trigger it via self-damage. It also provides a couple speed-related bonuses that are generally more useful in combat situations than stealth, as half way through the perk deck, combat starts to become slowly more and more feasible.

Card 7: "Unhealthy Favoritism"
  • -200% reload speed for assault rifles/light machine guns/small machine guns/shotguns
  • +75% maximum ammo
  • +100% ammo pick-up amount
The seventh card is where sniper-oriented play almost peaks, punishing the use of any other type of weapon (besides special weapons) with a ridiculously slow reload time, almost as if the Gazer has never reloaded those weapons at all before. However the use of a sniper rifle is heavily complimented by double ammo received from ammo boxes, giving most sniper rifles 2 bullets instead of 1 from a single box, and guaranteeing at least one full bullet per-ammo box for the thanatos sniper rifle.

Card 9: "Out Of The Shadows And Intro The Fray"
  • No healing besides doctor bags
  • -90% health upon being revived
  • Always 0% possible dodge chance
  • -20% incoming damage
  • Armor recovers in 0.4 seconds, regardless of damage being taken
  • +50% additional headshot damage
  • +10% chance to obtain higher quality item during PAYDAY
The ninth and final card of the Gazer perk deck gives full capability to the Gazer in a serious combat situation. It grants the Gazer an incredibly quick armor recovery rate, but balances it by prohibiting any sort of non-doctor bag healing, no dodge chance no matter what bot upgrade or skills you invest in to raise it, and when you are revived, you have essentially no health to work with. The end result is that you can tank damage from a very concentrated damage-source, meaning you can have a staring contest with one, maybe two enemies wielding assault rifles without taking any health damage, at least for a short while, but as more and more bullets begin to hit you, the window where you can take health damage is more and more likely to be exploited. With no means of receiving health without use of a doctor bag, Gazer health becomes exceedingly precious, and can quickly be removed if the Gazer is caught under fire from more than 1-2 enemies at a time. This forces the Gazer to avoid groups of enemies at all costs, because if they do end up letting too many bullets (or even just 2 or 3 bullets on higher difficulties like Death Wish or One Down) slip through their rapid-recovery armor made of plastic, they become immediately less useful, because once a Gazer's health is low, a Gazer's health stays low until they receive help from a doctor bag to reset their health. This last card seals the deal for the Gazer's glass-cannon combat technique. You are incredibly valuable for taking down high-priority targets with lots of health, but if you take too much damage, you are guaranteed to go down again and again and again until you are in custody, or reset your downs entirely with a doctor bag use. Let other teammates soak up damage, and do whatever you can to stay out of the line of fire or things can go downhill for you faster than they can for anyone else on your team.

Known Issues
  • Sticky Features
The Gazer Perk Deck, like most custom perk decks, suffers from 'sticky features' which is a term I use to describe the way the game will apply
SOME (but not all) features that a custom perk deck provides, but not necessarily UN-apply them right away when that perk deck is unequipped. When a feature from a custom perk deck is called upon in-game, it uses a value that is independent of the value the game would normally use for that same function with another vanilla perk deck, or skilltree upgrade/feature. When the custom perk deck is unequipped, the value is not reset to default, but instead just bumped down one, which can result in things like a feature from a perk deck or skill not providing the effects it was supposed to if you switched immediately to a profile directly from a custom perk deck that also used that same feature (just with a different, custom value). Only until after that same feature has been used by a vanilla game function at least once will the game reset that value to default (including 'not-in-use' if that's the case). Now usually people who make custom perk decks can specify which value will be 'stuck' and mask this effect, but it can still lead to issues where something vanilla doesn't behave like it should because the last time it was referenced was from a custom perk deck instead.

To put it simply; if you're switching FROM the Gazer Perk Deck to another vanilla perk deck that uses the same features as the Gazer perk deck, equip that vanilla deck once, then unequip it, then re-equip it. This will remind the game to ditch the custom value for the function it was last stuck on, and use the default value it was always meant to reference in the first place. Same deal with skills.
I.E., the Gazer Perk Deck uses a function which increases mark-duration on a target. I know for a fact this feature suffers from 'sticking'. This same function is called upon by the "High Value Target" skill in-game. If you switch from a profile with the Gazer perk deck equipped to one without, but that has High Value Target aced, the mark duration will not be 26 seconds (100% increase) like it should, but will instead be about 18 seconds. Half way from default, half way to the normal behavior of the function, because of the 'stuck-value' I set for it to get stuck on. This is the best I can do to smooth over this issue that PAYDAY 2 has, but to guarantee this issue doesn't occur, you MUST make sure that the last time a 'stick-prone' feature was called upon was by a vanilla function value, not a custom function value. In the example above, you want to unequip Gazer, equip a profile with High Value Target aced, unequip THAT profile, THEN equip whatever else you want. This guarantees the mark-duration will not suffer from 'sticky' functionality. Or just restart your game. That wipes all 'stuck-values' too.
It took a long time to figure out exactly what caused this issue, but it's unfixable on my end, and it's the same issue that all other custom perk
decks I have found suffer from, it's just that nobody usually notices, or if they do, they assume it's completely broken, instead of conditionally, temporarily broken.
The best I can offer is this workaround, so to guarantee no sticky features, just make sure to briefly equip a vanilla-perk deck and/or profile that is also used for stealth, and then unequip it to wipe the sticky values altered by a custom perk deck to go back to default.

  • Confused Custom Values
Similar to the cause of the above issue and it's fix, I have discovered that jumping from a profile with the Gazer perk deck equipped to another profile that also has the Gazer perk deck equipped will result in two known features of the perk deck to not function: mark-duration of 65 seconds, and deploy speed. These will be default instead of the custom values they should be. The workaround for this is simply to equip any other vanilla perk deck first, and then re-equip the Gazer perk deck.
Do not go from a Gazer perk deck profile to another Gazer perk deck profile or this issue will occur. Go from Gazer, to Burglar, to Gazer instead. This can even be done in a pre-heist ready-up screen, not only the main menu so long as you have multiple profiles available with multiple different perk decks on them. This issue is also caused by purchasing the "Hardware Expert - Basic" skill on a profile that currently has Gazer equipped on it, as that skill alters tripmine deploy speed, and thus overwrites the deploy speed custom value for deployables until you un-equip and re-equip the Gazer perk deck (on/with any profile)

All aspects of the Gazer Perk Deck have been play-tested for balancing, as well as functionality in online servers.
So long as you avoid the above issues and utilize their work arounds if and when necessary, the Gazer Perk Deck is fully functional in both offline and online play, whether or not you are the host of the server. Other players, even if they are hosting, do not need this mod in order for your deck to fully function on their server (unless they have a mod that prohibits or otherwise alters other people's perk decks or blocks custom perk decks from being used)

To install this mod, simply extract the contents of the .zip, and place the "Gazer Perk Deck" folder into your "mods" folder in your PAYDAY 2 directory. It is fully functioning with the new BLT 2.1 update, and the perk deck itself costs a total of 17,000 perk points to fully unlock (4000+ of a vanilla perk deck, due to the extensive usability of the Gazer perk deck).
Thanks for downloading and let me know what you think or if you've found an issue I don't know about yet.

Special Thanks:

  1. "Ethel" - creator of the "Something Something Perk Decks" mod, whose work I took and gutted to ensure I understood the lua format necessary for my own custom perk deck.
  2. "anonymous" - extensive help with online play-testing for balancing and perk deck functionality.
  3. "Offyerrocker" - Instructions on how to correctly apply unique icons for cards.
This mod is without auto-updates, and will require manual updating via the revisiting of this page in order to obtain the newest version of the mod should it ever be updated or modified in the future.
1.01 - Quick same-as-launch-day update to add a bit of extra description to card 3, mentioning the value of auto-tagging with box buddy and theia scopes as the 153 update resolved the issue of them not originally auto-marking guards in stealth like they were supposed to. No actual content changed, just display tweak.

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09-13-2017, 04:08 AM
The deployment rate being normal instead of super-speedbuffed is caused by the confused custom values issue mentioned above in Known Issues, and has to do with what you had equipped before equipping the Gazer perk deck.
I know for a fact that if go from Gazer perk deck to another profile also with Gazer perk deck on it, deployment speed and target mark-duration will be normal when they should not be. To fix this, equip a vanilla perk deck in between switching from a Gazer profile to another Gazer profile.

As for the armor not regenerating, if you have another perk deck mod installed which uses the same hitman perk deck function of armor recovery no matter the situation, it can overwrite the Gazer perk deck's call of this function, and abide by the other perk deck mod using this function, or just completely nullify it entirely.
It might also be possible, though I'm not sure, that going from the Hitman perk deck directly to the Gazer perk deck could cause a confused custom values instance, where the game isn't sure if it is meant to obey the Gazer armor recovery function, or the Hitman armor recovery function, because, again, they are the exact same function.
The solution for this should be the same as fixing sticky features as well. Just make sure to equip a perk deck like burglar or crew chief or anything vanilla that isn't sharing functions with the Gazer perk deck before equipping the Gazer perk deck.

Do not go from Gazer perk deck profile to Gazer perk deck profile. Go from Gazer to Burglar to Gazer instead.
If you don't have another perk deck mod installed which also uses an armor recovery function similar to Gazer, then it may be the Hitman perk deck being equipped just before the Gazer perk deck, so do not go from Hitman perk deck to Gazer perk deck. Go from Hitman, to Burglar, to Gazer instead.

That's all the help I can offer. Like I said in Known Issues, this is something with PAYDAY 2, and if there is a means to prevent these sticky features which ALL custom perk decks (that I have found for BLT) suffer from, then I don't know what that is and there's nothing I can do but provide instructions for the quick-fix that I am positive works in-game.

If it doesn't work for you, the sure-fire way is just to restart your game. These conflicts are always caused by the equipping of other perk decks besides the custom one, or simply owning another custom perk deck using the same functions but tweaked differently, but it's sometimes hard to nail down which one specifically and why.

09-12-2017, 09:54 AM
Sometimes it does not recover my armor and sometimes the deployment is at a normal rate. Would you please fix? I  use this perk a lot especially in stealth

09-11-2017, 10:01 AM
@Intel Sorry, there's no function for damage which affects the flamethrower or special weapons specifically, only ones that affect certain weapon types like snipers, lmgs, assault rifles, shotguns, smgs, or pistols, or attack methods such as headshots or melee attacks. If there is a way to do that, it'd probably have to be a beardlib mod, and is definitely way above anything I know how to do. I actually have very basic understanding of perk deck modding that consists mostly of inputting pre-existing functions and giving them custom values to make them behave differently than vanilla game, then testing thoroughly to see if they are stable or not.

09-11-2017, 04:25 AM
could you make a perk called "Pyro"that increases your damage with fire ammo weapons/flamethorwer and dodge chance?

09-09-2017, 06:47 AM
@Arcade Thanks for enjoying my work. I do have some very interesting ideas for future perk decks, and I'm glad that all the hours I spent tediously testing each feature and fine-tuning it to not be OP or non-functional didn't go to waste.

09-06-2017, 04:15 AM
You deserve points not only for the incredible quality and creativity of this mod, but for also making one of the few perk deck mods that have the courtesy to use the shared Perks in the deck and explain what each unique card does in both the mod description and screenshots.
This a truly exemplary mod that you should be proud of, sharktemplar; I hope to see more of your fantastic work in the future.