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This isn't your everyday weapon rebalance.

It makes every gun caliber different from each other and also introduces penetration, and if it wasn't enough for you... you can have conversion kits as well! Right now, there are only a handful of kits but there will be a lot more in the future.
Other changes include accuracy based roughly by gun barrel length, stability changes (bullpup rifles especially) and caliber-dependent ammo pickup rates.

Conversion Kits, new ammunitions and new calibers so far:

- 6,35mm KAC PDW for the Para
- .410 shotshell for all shotguns
- 7,92 Mauser for the Nagant
- .338 Lapua for the Platypus 70, Rattlesnake and the Lebensauger
- .458 SOCOM for the CAR-4 and the AMR-16
- .45 ACP for the Kross Vertex, Chimano family, Leo, Baby Deagle and the custom add-on Colt R0991
- .44 Magnum and .50 AE for the Deagle and the Matever .357
- .300 AAC for the CAR-4 (Restricts non-silenced barrels and barrel extensions)
- 7,62x39 for the AK Rifle and the add-on AK12
- 10mm for the Compact-5, Chimano family and the add-on Colt R0991
- 6,5mm Grendel for the AK, AK 7.62, Golden AK 7.62, Krinkov and the add-on AK12
- .375 H&H Magnum for the Joceline and the add-on TOZ-34
- .465 H&H Magnum for the Joceline and the add-on TOZ-34
- 7,7mm Arisaka only for the add-on Type 38 rifle
- 7,62x51mm for the Buzzsaw LMG, Eagle Heavy and the Gecko

- SABOT Slug for all shotguns
- Steel Slug for all shotguns
- #000 Buck Shells (6 pellets) for all shotguns
- #4 Buck Shells (21 pellets) for all shotguns

Supported add-on weapons as of now:

Known bugs features:
- No icons for the mods yet
- Even though the new slug shotgun ammo types are set to forbid the Donald's Horizontal Leveller, they can be used.
Just pretend that you can't use them or live with the fact that you will miss all your shots.

- Buzzsaw now has a 50-capacity magazine and 100 total ammo
- Swedish K is chambered in 9x19mm
- Grenade launchers are now showing the real damage values, Little Friend's M203 launcher's ammo capacity reduced to 3, HRL pickup rate buffed, HEF Grenade range is set to normal levels
- Bows and crossbows have their intended damage
- The 7,62x51mm kit for the Gecko and the Eagle Heavy now reduces pickup rates


- Arrow-based weapon damage and rate of fire adjusted
- The Light/Heavy Crossbow and the English Longbow has body armor penetration
- Grenades have 500 damage
- Grenades, grenade and rocket launchers have their own damage as player damage so watch where you're aiming

New stuff:
- .45 kit for the Baby Deagle
- Support for the SR-3M Vikhr, VSS and the IWI Tavor X95

- Adjustments to a few weapon mods regarding concealment and accuracy
- Breaker's barrels are now having the intended stats
- Desertfox adjusted slightly

New stuff:
- 7,62x51mm conversion for the Buzzsaw LMG
- Deagle converted to .357 Magnum by default, .44 Magnum and .50 AE kits are available for it.
- Gecko and Eagle Heavy converted to 5,56x45mm, a 7,62x51mm kit is available for them.


- Some weapon upgrades were not penetrating what they should've been
- Added some kits to weapons that did not have it before (7,62x39mm to the AK17 and AK Rifle)

New stuff:
- Support for the whole PLA Arms Pack
- Again, two new shotgun ammo type!
   -#4 Buck: 21 pellets, more suited for close range
   -000 Buck: 6 pellets, intended for medium range


- Akimbo Deagle's Extended magazine and the Akimbo Krinkov's Quadstacked magazine capacity is fixed
- Projectile damage is now fixed (having no Medieval pack means that I can't verify if those are changed as well)
- MG42 now has 100 rounds in the mag, reload time fixed

New stuff:
- Custom weapon support:
Arisaka Type 38 (with a 7,7x50mm Arisaka conversion kit)
SR-25 (the FMJ rounds will give you +20 ammo in total and +10 damage but they have no shield/enemy penetration)

- I've managed to rush this update which made the game crash for other people. Fixed now.

- The two new slug mods are usable on the Judge


HRL-7 now has 60 rate of fire
- Arbiter has 400 damage instead of 800, but has twice the ammo (Meanwhile all 40mm grenade launchers have 12 ammo, except the Little Friend's M203)
- M308 magazine now holds 20 rounds
- Clarion magazine now holds 25 rounds
- Akimbo Chimano 88 ammo capacity fixed
- Ammo capacities for the Akimbo Chimano family and the Akimbo Crosskill with the extended magazine fixed
- Ammo capacities with the conversion kits for the Akimbo Deagle/Compact-5/Chimano family fixed

New stuff:
- Shotgun hunting rounds! Yeah, you heard it right, single-projectiles for shotguns. Right now, there are only two (.375 H&H Magnum, 465 H&H Magnum) and only supports two shotguns, namely the Joceline, and the TOZ-34 - does NOT support shotgun shell types and barrel attachments. They have very high damage, high accuracy and improved range over shotgun shells but low ammo count. (You can one-shot medics and cloakers on OD with the right skills)

- Two new slug ammo types for shotguns
  • Steel slug - has the same extra damage as the 000 buck, +40 accuracy, -16 stability, -7 total ammo count
  • SABOT slug - -20 damage but +64 accuracy, -16 stability

- Semi-auto snipers have their rate of fire halved (from 600 to 300 rounds per minute)
- Crosskill magazine is now holding 12 rounds, as it should be
- Signature .40's magaine now has a concealment penalty of 2
- 5/7 magazine capacity fixed from +4 to +10
- .338 ammunition got buffed to 280 damage, WA2000 added to the list of weapons that are using it

New stuff:
- New kits
6,5 Grendel for the AK family, including >:3's AK12 

- More custom weapon support!
Colt R0991 (9mm by default, has a 10mm and a .45 conversion kit)
HK416 (added support despite the fact that the weapon crashes my game upon firing)
M1 Carbine
CheyTac M200
CZ-75 Shadow
AK12/76 (.410 shells are available)
Nova Shotgun (Same as above)
MPX (the .40 kit was modified)

- Akimbo Contractor now has the intended stats
- Adjusts to the L5, Tactical and the Expert mag for the Para/AMR-16/AMCAR rifles
- Changed the capacity of the Extended Magazine for all Chimano handguns
- Mark 10's Speed Pull Mag now has the intended capacity of 30
- Cobra now has no extra magazine size with the "Double Mag", but faster reload speed
- Breaker Shotgun now has 2 more ammo in the chamber with the long barrel, and 2 less with the short
- The Akimbo Compact-5 has reduced accuracy and stability now as it should be

New Stuff:
- 10mm Conversion kit for the Chimano family guns and also the Compact-5

- Adjusted the Sterling's rate of fire to 600 (was 300 before)

New stuff:
- Reload buffs!
  • MP5's Straight Mag: -0,8s
  • Patchett's Short Mag: -1,1s
  • Jackal's Short Mag: -1,2s
  • Gewehr's DMR Barrel kit: -1,6s
  • Tactical Mag: -0,8s
  • Vintage Mag: -1,3s
  • Low Drag Magazine (AK17): -1,1s (-1,3s for the AK Rifle and the AK 7.62)

Initial add-on custom weapon support:
AK12 (5,45mm by default, has a new 7,62x39mm conversion kit - the new conversion kit and the DMR barrel cannot be used together)
Remington ACR (the 6.8 SPC ammo mod is moved to the "Conversion Kits" category)
Magpul PDR

More will come as I try downloading each and every one of these weapons with my shitty internet


- Fixed the Akimbo Heather SMG penetration (or lack of it)
- The LEO Pistol is now 9mm by default, a .45 kit is available for it.

New calibers / Kits:
- .300 AAC for the CAR-4 rifle (Only silencers are accepted as barrel extensions, with Beowulf and Long Barrel being restricted.)
- .44 Magnum for the Matever Revolver 

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09-23-2017, 05:38 PM
I was wrong once again about the akimbos, it's the self.[weapon].override = {} in attachments.lua that causes the slides to **** up, which makes more sense (I guess) than the last two assumptions I made.

09-17-2017, 01:06 AM
Actually ignore what I said about the akimbos, I forgot I had another mod that uses weapontweakdata and apparently the game can't handle two of them at the same time.

09-07-2017, 09:44 PM
- I tried using the mod only with an updated mod.txt (the BLT2 version thingy) and it works fine.
- Parabellum, MP40 and Galant are called breech, erma and ching, if you haven't found out already.
- Galant Tanker barrel is wpn_fps_ass_ching_b_short if you want to switch the stability penalty for an accuracy one. Magpouch stock is wpn_fps_ass_ching_s_pouch and Parabellum Reinforced barrel is wpn_fps_pis_breech_b_reinforced if you think they need some sort of drawback.
- Weapon rebalances (and anything else that alters weapontweakdata) make akimbo pistols' slides glitch when reloading. I dunno why it happens, or why only 2 weapons are unaffected (akimbo Interceptor and Bernetti), or if it can be fixed before this gets updated, but at least you know it happens. (video showing the glitch)

09-01-2017, 10:42 PM
Yikes. That sucks. Ok then. I shall be waiting patiently. 

09-01-2017, 10:38 AM
well, with my netspeed, it's gonna take a while to even download the update... something like 1 and a half days without stopping. So don't expect this mod to be back soon, maybe at the end of the next week...

08-31-2017, 10:28 PM
I hope I'm not being "that guy", but update for BLT 2.0 soon™?

08-31-2017, 09:43 AM
Oh. I forgot that I was using Frenzy in almost all my builds. So that's why the damage values were so fishy...
I'm not sure if a total ammo count of 4 is OP but I've reduced it to 3 and made changes to the pickup rates as well.
About the HEF Grenade: the source tweakdata.lua (the one on BitBucket) has the same doubled range but I've taken the liberty to change it.

08-30-2017, 04:36 PM
More nitpicking :
- I forgot about the Little Friend's underbarrel GL, it's launcher_m203. Speaking of which, you might wanna nerf its total ammo.
- Grenade launchers loadout stats still show vanilla damage.
- Pistol crossbow does 250 damage instead of 350, heavy crossbow does 900 instead of 1260 and light crossbow does 500 instead of 700.

- The community frag grenade has twice the range of other grenades.
- I dunno if the 0 - 0.05 ammo pickup for the HRL is okay, a minimum of 20 boxes for 1 rocket which can't OHK a DW dozer (isn't that why it was made for in the first place?) seems a bit too much.
- The Gecko and the Eagle keep their high ammo pickup with the conversion attached.
- Shouldn't the Swedish K normally be 9mm by default?

08-30-2017, 05:14 AM
Well, my main point of reference for figuring out the damage values were the ballistic energy and the bullet size. In which both calibers excelled - but in the end, I had to favor the bullet diameter more in this case.
I might roll back to a 50-capacity mag, lowering the total ammo to 100 (and maybe nerfing the pickup rates), or lower the damage to 130-140 and pretty much keeping everything else the way it is.

08-29-2017, 11:55 PM
Hell, the M308 has almost half that damage...

08-29-2017, 11:52 PM
Okay, so I download this and the first thing I see is this.

[Image: hnNA2Zh.jpg]

Seriously? A 1200 RPM LMG doing 180 damage?!

08-27-2017, 09:10 PM
alright, figured out. 
Meanwhile, I was able to make the bows penetrate body armor, but I couldn't make them penetrate shields.

08-27-2017, 12:50 AM
Well loadout stats use weapontweakdata even if it's a projectile weapon (the pistol crossbow showing 140 damage comes from self.hunter.stats.damage = 140), but their actual damage is in tweakdata.
And I haven't noticed any big differences between damage shown by targets and damage taken by enemies (as confirmed by this mod) besides what I mentioned below (damage cap and explosive resistance).

As for crossbow damage, I'd say 320 for pistol, 500 for plainsrider bow and light crossbow, 1000 with armor-piercing for heavy crossbow and 1600 with armor-piercing for longbow. With a very low ammo pool to force the user to get their arrows/bolts back and not sit on a virtually endless amount of high-damaging shots.
I tried to make them 1-shot certain enemies starting on DW/OD: pistol crossbow 1-hit headshot cloakers and MFRs, light crossbow and plainsrider bow 1-hit headshot specials, ZEAL cloakers  and ZEAL heavies, heavy crossbow 1-hit headshot ZEAL specials and 1-hit bodyshot DW MFRs (hence the armor piercing, otherwise the only advantage it would have over the light crossbow) and longbow 1-hit bodyshot DW specials.
Not sure if that's good enough, but that's the best I could do with the current breakpoints and the gimmicky nature of the weapons.

Also, even if you don't make them that way, could you increase the crossbows' rates of fire (by about 50%)? I find it dumb that with accelerator/bloodthirst/both you reload faster than you can shoot.

08-26-2017, 08:05 PM
You can have icon for the conversion kit mods if you make the mod/attachment with BeardLib

08-26-2017, 07:58 PM
You can change reload speed of weapon by using reload stat that way the animation will sync. For example reload = 20.

08-26-2017, 07:46 PM
DMC said something about that the target range is kinda funky when it comes to the grenade damage so I can't do anything about it.
How much damage should the crossbows have? The pistol crossbow for example has 140 right now despite having 70 in the tweakdata. I'm not sure how the game calculates the damage with them.
As for the Peacemaker, I can't decrease the reload correctly, because the animation will not sync with the timer and I'd rather keep it until I find some other way to do it.

08-26-2017, 04:05 PM
- Breaker's barrels impact magazine capacity too much (the short barrel basically makes it single-shot)
- The longbow, the grenade launchers and all three crossbows show incorrect damage values in the loadout screen.
- I don't really get the Desertfox's stats, it has a high base accuracy despite having a short barrel (making the long one redundant), it has an absurdly low stability (barely higher than the Thanatos) despite being chambered in .308, and it has a 5-round magazine which means it should be chambered in .338.
- I think the Diablo barrel for the Castigo should have a concealment penalty, and maybe the Carnival grip have increased concealment instead of stability.
- Maybe a buff to the Peacemaker's reload speed to not make it a direct downgrade from the Bronco?

- 7.62x51mm conversion for the Buzzsaw?
- Maybe having the Deagle .357 by default and changing the conversion kit to .50 could solve the penetration problem?

08-24-2017, 12:54 PM
Well, looks like I was wrong - the code for the RPG works, I was just too lazy to remove the launcher_ part...

You're right on the last part, I guess. I couldn't decrease more ammo than that.

08-23-2017, 05:46 PM
And it looks like more akimbos broke with the update :
- Akimbo Deagle extended mags.
- Akimbo Krinkov quadstacked mags.
- Akimbo Compact-5 10mm conversion kit doesn't decrease mag capacity at all, but I heard somewhere that attachments cannot decrease mag capacity by more than 10 rounds so I guess that's why.

08-23-2017, 02:13 PM
Well I did my testing in the safehouse shooting range and everything worked as it should, I even lowered the HRL damage to 50 to be sure since the targets have a damage cap of 4000 (and one of them has a 50% explosive resistance on top of that). The loadout damage is affected by weapontweakdata but is in no way related to the actual in-game damage.
Also the script is designed to not load if something's wrong to avoid crashing, so with launcher_rocket_ray every weapon is reverted to vanilla damage.