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Networked Player Lasers
Version 0.35 | Last Updated: Today, 12:16 AM
MD5: 2fd7ecd34929dfeeab823daca3b57c84
Status: Public
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"Networked Player Lasers" (or "NNL" for New Networked Player Lasers) allows you to change the color of your own weapon lasers, or your teammates' if you so prefer. 
However, this mod also allows you to sync your weapon laser colors with those of other players, provided they have this mod.
Uses some code and base methods from "Goon Mod Custom Player Weapon Laser Colors," originally written by James Wilkinson. 

Team Preview:
(If you think you've made a cool laser gradient, make a demo video without a hud, and send it to me! Maybe you'll be featured and credited on this page!)

Caution! This mod is in beta! Although the current public build is stable, it's not fully featured, and some features may not work properly. Use at your own risk!

That said, if you do crash or encounter an issue that makes the mod not work, please do contact me so I can fix it and make it work more gud-er :3

This mod reuses most of the methods in the original, but adds a few things.


* Customizable R/G/B/A levels with in-game menu for:
- Your weapons' lasers
- Your teammates' lasers
- Syncs lasers with other players who have this mod, provided they have this installed

* BLT Auto-updated
* Ability to make your lasers flash different colors, and let other users with this mod see the same laser. To properly use this feature, please consult the readme!
* Fixes some bugs in GoonMod's original code, including one (intentional?) where lasers never used your alpha level and instead all used one very opaque global alpha level.
* Fixes a potential crash in GoonMod caused by turning on custom weapon lasers 

* Enemy snipers' lasers
* World/vault lasers such as the ones in Big Bank, GO Bank, Golden Grin or Murky Station
* Turrets' lasers (for three different modes: normal, reloading, and ECM hacked)
* Reverse compatibility support with anyone still using GoonMod somehow???

Note that basic understanding of color theory, eg. primary colors of light, is required to properly use this mod. If you don't know how to create the desired colors, you can still use this mod, but it'll probably take you longer. Also, I'll be silently judging you. 

Here's a resource website for creating desired colors with RGBA (or HSV too, I don't care) called ColorPicker.

Known Issues:
* "Uniform Team Color" aka Peer Color does not currently function correctly.
* Disabling "Networked Lasers" does not function correctly

If you encounter a bug, please report it below, and attach any crash log associated with it. 

If you need help with any of my mods, please contact me via reddit, Steam, or email.
11 Aug 2017 v0.35 First public release!
7 Aug 2017 v0.02 Fixed an annoying bug where the mod was only mostly written and did not have BLT auto update support
4 Aug 2017 v0.01 Fixed an annoying bug where the mod wasn't written or uploaded to modworkshop

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