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Stop the crimespree loss on crash
Version 3 | Last Updated: 09-02-2017, 10:25 PM
Status: Public
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You will still need to rebuy if you fail or quit the game.

Update 3
Updated for BLT 2.0

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11-23-2017, 04:33 PM
i was about to tell you this doesn't work, but then i forgot to actually install it. smh

11-16-2017, 10:07 AM
So if im crashing in the middle of an Crimespree Heist i need to pay? or is that fixed?

10-02-2017, 06:33 PM
I believe it'd be easier if Overkill just made the Crime Spree immediately end and give you the rewards upon reaching the limit. Prevents crashing nicely and easily.

09-17-2017, 01:59 PM
try alt+f4

08-15-2017, 01:40 AM
how do i install or where am i supposed to place it because im new to modding 

07-03-2017, 04:44 PM
Thank you very much my friend, this is life saviour

06-06-2017, 05:12 AM
ohmy god its cheeting your breaking te game

06-02-2017, 05:43 PM
can't be that mod then.

06-02-2017, 05:38 PM
Sorry for my late answer.

Yes I am using the version from the 20th.

05-24-2017, 08:54 PM
you tried with the new version i released a few days ago?

05-24-2017, 06:11 PM
Hay there,

payday often crashes because this mod. Mostly when I'm skipping the loading screen (black screen with crimespree level).

Crashlog looks like this:


Sat Apr 29 17:26:47 2017

Application has crashed: C++ exception
[string "lib/managers/crimespreemanager.lua"]:1599: attempt to index a nil value




         payday2_win32_release  (???)     ???                                                 
         payday2_win32_release  (???)     ???                                                 
         payday2_win32_release  (???)     ???                                                 
         payday2_win32_release  (???)     zip_get_name                                        
                         ntdll  (???)     RtlRunOnceBeginInitialize                           


Current thread: Main


System information:
Application version : 1.68.216
CPU : Intel® Core™ i7-7700K CPU @ 4.20GHz (2 cores); SSE; SSE2; SSE3; SSSE3; SSE4.1; SSE4.2
DirectX : 12.0 
GPU : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 / nvd3dum.dll[]
Language : @IDb6ce5cf32130deac@
Memory :     16314MB 720KB
OS : 6.2.9200 () 0x100-0x1 (64 bits)
Physics : threaded
Renderer : DX9 threaded
Sound : Logitech (Lautsprecher (Logitech G930 Gaming Headset))


05-19-2017, 07:23 AM
if you can get me a crashlog please?

05-19-2017, 03:33 AM
It actually is crashing clients joining. Disabled it and people could join.

05-11-2017, 02:11 AM
i highly doubt it.

05-11-2017, 01:56 AM
I think this mod causes crashing for clients joining your lobby.

04-24-2017, 09:38 PM
If you ALT F$ you can still continue >:D

04-24-2017, 01:47 PM
Doesn't work if it crashes in "Ready" lobby

04-13-2017, 08:11 AM
Alt+F4ing does indeed keep the progress with this mod on. Tested it many times and it would let me continue crime spree like normal.

04-11-2017, 03:06 PM
is this blt mod?

04-08-2017, 10:44 AM
alt + f4 considered rage quit or crash? if it considered crash then this mod can be used for cheating.
btw nice mod