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Assault States
Version 1.08
Last Updated: 03-23-2017, 03:43 AM
MD5: b8fc3956a7eabef5284cc651bcbe8a1c
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Adds the states of the assault in the assault corner banner. This only works if you host your game, or if the host have the mod when you're the client.

Requires Beardlib.

- Control state
- Anticipation state
- Build state
- Sustain state
- Fade state

- Textlist (make your own custom one in the localization!)
- Colors

- Compatible with the vanilla assault banner, and probably Restoration mod since it shares the same functions I'm using.
- Compatible with the PDTH Hud assault triangle.
- Compatible with Wave Survived as well.

- Extract in PAYDAY 2/mods

Report me any issues as always!
- Fixed a bug when winters spawns. It should'nt take the color of Wave Survived any longer.

- Fixed a bug when a endless wave is triggered.

Don't steal

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03-21-2017, 11:09 PM
Thanks! c:

03-21-2017, 11:05 PM
thanks for the feedback, should be fixed now :)

03-21-2017, 09:56 PM
Seems to be acting up with anticipation. Have Restoration (all features disabled), PDTH HUD (only challenges enabled), and HoloUI (only menu enabled).

03-21-2017, 01:54 AM

03-21-2017, 12:58 AM
Can we get images for control and anticipation states?

03-12-2017, 06:40 PM
@Nepgearsy I know, it's just that I am not all that good with getting the sliders to look the way I want, I would just prefer an option for one set color like how "Wave Survived" is set up

03-12-2017, 04:38 PM
it is rgb sliders, meaning you have all the colors, not only red green and blue

03-12-2017, 07:31 AM
I really like this, my only dislike is the lack of set color option where you can just choose between red, yellow, blue etc instead of trying to mix and match, like "Wave Survived", other than that it is great.

03-12-2017, 03:42 AM

03-12-2017, 02:46 AM
Is this compatible with the wave survived mod?

03-11-2017, 10:39 PM
@Nepgearsy Yes , when i tried it my game was crashed

03-11-2017, 10:10 PM
it is possible, i just need to look at it, it's pretty new to me

03-11-2017, 10:08 PM
Is it possible to send the data needed to make it work for clients too?  So that if you're a client, but the host has the mod too you can both see it?

03-11-2017, 09:54 PM
you tried it?

as i said in the description it should work.

03-11-2017, 09:53 PM
What about Restoration Mod compatible?

03-11-2017, 07:53 PM
cause that's how overkill made that, i can maybe make it like working if the host have the mod he can send data to clients who have the mod as well, but i dunno how to do that exactly

and no, that can come a bit later :)

03-11-2017, 07:42 PM
Why only host?

Btw, is it too much to ask for PDTH Hud compatibility? :p