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SkyMan's OP Perk Deck Pack [V2]
Version 2 | Last Updated: 11-22-2016, 03:02 AM
Status: Public
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Downloads: 370
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WARNING: This mod disables all achievements and the joining and creation of public games

SkyMan's OP Perk Deck Pack currently contains the following perk decks:
As always all of my mods have funny stchik in the titles and descriptions (worth a few chuckles)

True Bulldozer -
   +1000% armor
   +500% ammo
   +100% damage, reload, fire rate (with shotguns and lmgs)
   +50% speed

One-Punch Man
   insta-kill punches
   +150% movement speed

I intend to add more perk decks to this pack as I think of them (I have a few ideas)
Note that all perks decks in this list are game breaking and make payday 2 very easy so this is more of a fun distraction to mess around with in a private game more than anything else.

For a full description download and give em a try. I can almost garentee this pack will entertain you for quite a bit

If you have any ideas for some overpowered perks put your idea in the comments and it might make it into the next version

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12-18-2017, 06:27 AM
Alright, nvm , everything work fine, i didnt read, it negate "all dmg" but not falling dmg, or tazer, or cloacker, meh ..
Well, could you add those possibly ? at least the falling dmg .. its so annoying please :(

12-18-2017, 03:49 AM
when i jump, most of the time i died. also, im not immu to CLOACKER or to TAZER. im not "invinsible" at all.. how can i fix that

12-15-2017, 11:07 PM
idk about the invinsibility, im down as well by DMG, cloacker, and tazzer so..

11-13-2017, 09:49 AM
or reduce damage taken to a very low number like 0.1

11-13-2017, 09:46 AM
you could give them millions of health and every person you shoot/kill  regens a lot of health

11-13-2017, 09:44 AM
the "invincibility" on one punch doesn't work

07-01-2017, 03:12 AM
also the other bulldozer perk deck you made only slows the armor regen time and doesnt add any armor for me, please fix

07-01-2017, 03:12 AM
make dozer move slower please, it kinda makes you look like a hacker to others when you have all those buffs INCLUDING the +50% speed (more than yakuza on 0 hp, opaf please nerf)

06-05-2017, 11:02 PM
Can you add regen armor like anarchist to the dozer please? Where you regen armor by dealing damage.

05-24-2017, 10:38 PM
how do you install this mod 

05-24-2017, 10:22 PM
How do you this mod

02-02-2017, 04:09 PM
This mod this easy to recode
Removing disabled in folder of this mod is NOTING DISABLING ACHS PUBS

01-17-2017, 06:20 AM
I love this beautiful mod,......

ᴮᵘᵗ ᴵ ᶜᵃᶰᶰᵒᵗ ᶜʰᵃᶰᵍᵉ ᶜʰᵃʳᵃᶜᵗᵉʳ ᵘᵖᵒᶰ ᵘˢᶦᶰᵍ ᶦᵗ⋅⋅⋅

12-24-2016, 11:05 PM
i installed this mod in right way,but i didnt get whole boost like u describe. i did have 100% increased fire rate but not so much health ,speed and armor improved. Almost  no speed improved and  armor value is merely increased by about  100 %,how came that ? And most disappointing,i didnt get invincible life when i was equipped with  onepunch man perk deck .is there something wrong with it ?

11-25-2016, 08:24 PM
yay, no game breaking bug I have to fix

11-24-2016, 03:25 AM
Oh, wait. I used the Bulldozer Perk Deck mod earlier and I have to delete it. Fixed it all by myself.

11-23-2016, 06:30 AM
I will work on fixing that bug. (You are supposed to be invulnerable)

11-22-2016, 04:59 PM
Okay, I tested the perk decks. They're kinda OP but according to the description, it says you're "invincible" when using it. But you still take damage just like if you have the Muscle Perk Deck and get downed. At least, you should rename "One-Punch Man" perk deck to "Mike Tyson" perk deck, just like the final boss from "Punch-Out!!!"

11-22-2016, 04:10 PM
*Sees the One-Punch Man perk deck*
Reminds me of the infamous Melee Man (rip)*

11-22-2016, 07:44 AM
Maybe punches will open safes or doors?