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Bulldozer Perk Deck [ver 1.2]
Version 2 | Last Updated: 11-22-2016, 12:13 AM
Status: Public
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buffed armor regen (reduced to 30 seconds)
Added more creative names (requested by leon S.)

I know what your thinking. "So what, you get lots of armor?" and your right this perk deck gives you LOTS of armor. Like and unreasonable amount (+400%). but there are drawbacks. So before you go into the comments and type "400% armor, OPAF PLS NERF" just take a look at the drawbacks. It may seem like an OP perk deck but man if your playing on anything above overkill, you are gonna have a lot of hurt.

As always in my perk decks, If you actually read the descriptions in game you're in for some good shtick

Level 1: Armored I
     +10% armor
     fall damage now destroys 100% armor regardless of height

Level 2: Everything but the Kitchen Sink
     +100% ammo max
     -100% dodge

Level 3: Armored II
     +15% armor
     -10% movement speed

Level 4: Armored III
     +25% armor
     -10% movement speed

Level 5: Armored IV
     +50% armor
     -10% speed

Level 6: Armored V
     +50% armor
     armor regen timer set to 10 seconds

Level 7: Armored VI
     +50% armor
     -10% movement speed

Level 8: Armored VII
     +50% armor
     armor regen timer set to 15 seconds

Level 9: Bulldozer
     +75% armor
     -10% speed
     armor regen set to 60 seconds
     sprint speed reduced to a pitiful level

Final Stats
     +400% armor
     -50% movement speed (dose not stack with armor penalties but multiplies)
     +100% ammo max
     All fall damage destroys 100% of armor
     armor regen risen to 30 seconds

This perk deck is also sometimes referred to as the "Larry the Snail Deck"

Some interesting dynamics that pop up when using this build is that with such a high armor level you can tank lots of damage however with the slow regen rate you need to retreat every so often to heal, but you cant because you are so damn slow.

If you still feel like this deck is overpowered, give it a try on mayhem or deathwish. It's not as OP as it looks

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01-21-2018, 02:00 PM
Guys who are having trouble getting this mod to even work, I have a solution. It requires Microsoft's Notepad or something similar. Go into the Dozer Deck's Folder, and edit the 'mod' text document.

Leave everything but two lines unchanged.

"version" : "2",
"blt_version" : 2

so long as those two lines are as so, you can enjoy 2.7 move speed and 900+ armour! xD

11-27-2017, 12:12 PM
some suggestions for a perk deck

deck name: baby dozer
rank 1: while wearing the improved combined tactical vest gain 10% more armor and 20% more ammo capacity (stacks with fully loaded)
rank 2: same as vanilla perk decks
rank 3: while wearing the improved combined tactical vest gain an additional 10% more armor and 20% more ammo capacity (stacks with fully loaded)
rank 4: same as vanilla perk decks
rank 5: while wearing the improved combined tactical vest gain an additional 10% more armor and 20% more ammo capacity (stacks with fully loaded)
rank 6: same as vanilla perk decks
rank 7: while wearing the improved combined tactical vest your movement speed is decreased by 40% but you gain 20% armor recovery rate.
rank 8: same as vanilla perk decks
rank 9: while wearing the improved combined tactical vest you regenerate 1.5% of your health every 5 seconds and gain an additional 30% more armor.

all in all it should be fairly balanced by needing to invest the perks to get the ICTV armor as well as the movement speed nerf. (and if you really wanted to negate the speed nerf slightly you could invest in the artful dodger tree.)

06-29-2017, 11:30 PM

06-29-2017, 11:14 PM
I have this mod in mod_overrides and the slowing armor regen to 30s works but not any of the armor bonuses. please help?

06-25-2017, 06:15 PM
How do you install these kinds of mods? I know how to install it when its in a zip, but not as a stand alone file. Please help!!!!

04-11-2017, 01:50 AM
I noticed an interesting bug that arose when installing this. Acquiring Fully Loaded gives me 100% more ammunition regardless of whether I have the perk deck equipped and I don't get any kind of ammunition increase from the perk deck.

03-03-2017, 02:42 AM
If only overkill did perk decks like these, it would really make some interesting gameplay, especially for people using either Rogue, or This, which are EXACT opposites.

12-31-2016, 11:18 AM
wish ovk made perk decks like this.
would add a real flair of unique gameplay.

11-22-2016, 09:34 PM
If Rogue is considered an offense related perk deck, this is the absolute definition of a defensive perk deck

11-15-2016, 10:31 PM
max armor actually gets to about 950 (not 1600, that would be if you also somehow had anarchist equip) and helmet popping is great and all, but +20 armor every 2 seconds is not going to keep you alive if you're in the middle of a firefight. statistically the stats are overpowered, but when you take into account the slow movement speed you start to realise how important mobility is. If you still think its over powered try it on onedown, its still very difficult.

11-15-2016, 10:25 PM
    armor regen risen to 30 seconds
    +100% ammo max
     +400% armor

k. You can just stay in one area with roughly 1600 armour and 250 health
10/10 just put helmet popping on one down ez,

11-15-2016, 03:51 PM
You should call it as the "Stone Wall" build, which mostly focuses on Durability rather than speed or damage.

11-15-2016, 09:31 AM
wait is this actrual multiply armour or is this like anarchist just giving straight numbers

11-15-2016, 07:50 AM
Where's the LMG and Clip-Fed Shotgun Buffs?
Where's the more creative names?

11-15-2016, 05:09 AM
Seems legit

11-15-2016, 04:40 AM
why not call it larry the snail perk deck and the description be, destroy all of spongbobs kelp fears?

11-15-2016, 04:20 AM
well it makes sense with allllll that ammo and armour, to balance things out is to slow your ass down XD

11-15-2016, 03:54 AM
You are so slow it's not even funny, holy crap.

11-15-2016, 03:53 AM
You are so slow it's not even funny, holy crap.

11-14-2016, 06:09 PM
You made my day