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Hawk's Complete Sound Pack (Updated: 1-11-18)
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This pack almost completely replaces the low quality and honestly boring reload/weapon manipulation sounds within Payday 2 as well as replacing most of the weapon shot sounds.  This has taken me about 2 weeks, the first week caused me to loose a lot of hours because once you get into the groove of finding where sounds are located you just don't want to stop.  I'm bringing this pack to the public because as of now there are now sfx sound replacement packs out there and I felt like trying my hand and seeing what everyone thought.  I'm an audio guy so when things do not sound right they nag me constantly and when you put as many hours into Payday 2 as I have they start to really irritate you, so once the user tools were made I set out to replace as much of the boring Payday 2 sounds that I could.  Now that my pack being out for a full year and how it has matured as a creation I am now calling this a complete sound pack, things will still be changed but as far as over all content by far this pack as the most.

Most of these sounds come from an almost dead Source Mod called Firearms Source, I used to play it way back in HL1 when it was just Firearms and they've always had top notch weapon animations, recently their sound guy has been putting out some very nice stuff so I felt that if I ever got the chance I would import them into Payday 2.  I take zero credit for making the sounds however I do credit myself with creating and doing the necessary work in order to convert them over to Payday 2.  I do not have the largest gun shot sound library so I was not able to put everything into this pack that I wanted to (namely some BF3 gun shots).  Other sounds came from Insurgency and Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45, Call of Juarez Gunslinger, Killing Floor 1 & 2, Battlefield 3 & 4, Shadow Warrior (the remake), Medal of Honor Warfighters, Rainbow Six Vegas 2, Doom and real sounds from my Steam friend Hashimoto Soda.

This has been a one man operation and I was only getting feedback from a select 2 or 3 Steam friends to help me work out possible sound errors and what not so if there are some inconsistencies please understand that 1. That I am entirely new at this and only just started 2 weeks ago and 2. I am only human and I can only fix and catch so much by myself.  If you would like to offer help of any kind feel free, if you happen to have some sounds that you'd like put into the game again, feel free.  While I'm not sure how much I can improve upon this pack I know I can always improve upon it and if I find something that I personally feel will add more quality to this pack then I will go right into it and change it.

Sorry if I'm blathering on but I am trying to cover all of my bases and make sure that everyone knows what went into this pack, this is a lot of time and effort as well as love, I created this for myself but my friends felt that I needed to release it to the public.  I do hope you enjoy it and if there are any problems please feel free to contact me.

Everything within the Readme.txt will explain to you how to install this mod properly, see the readme file.

If you have any question or comments do not put them here, this is not the place for dissucssion, simply follow this link:

Some users are saying that they can not download, I have no control over this matter thus I suggest that you PM/Email the site admins to find out if something is wrong, this issue has only recently manifested this badly with some people so it makes me think that it's a site issue.  

To those users who say that I need to make a SECOND pack in order to undo my changes to the player impact sounds please see page 17 (or page 33 depending on your forum settings) in the Steam Thread to get an understanding as to why that won't happen.
If you are unsure which files were added or changed look at the "date modified" numbers within the zip folder which should tell you what I've changed.
You can also check out user Grifter's Twitch account as he has been receiving regular updates and uses my pack and he also streams so if you want probably the closest thing to what the pack sounds like go view his past and present recordings:

If you're having problems installing the mod another user created this video to perhaps further explain what you'll need to do (this is not my video so do not spam the creator of the video with requests, come to this forum or add me on Steam).

Don't charge people for this, do not steal or use anything from this pack without getting the go-ahead from me first.
3-17-15: Fixed reload sound blanks in current version of game (as far as I know), changed SCAR-H, AUG, Glock 18c, RPK, Famas.
3-20-15: Added Mp7, Blazer, MSR, Saiga, Striker.
3-26-15: Fixed & Added P90 Reload, Glock 22 (custom Glock), USP45 Suppressed sound, G18c volume increased a bit, P90 shot loud and sup, Fixed Galil 3rd person shot sound.
3-27-15: Fixed missing reload sound lines in SFX file (hopefully), and fixed the DLC's GL fire sound I think
4-4-15: Possibly fixed the 3rd person shot for the AA12, added/modified 3rd person sounds to closer reflect the in-game 1st person for the SCAR-H, MG42 (shortened 1st and 3rd), M249 SAW (shortened a bit), HK23E, RPK, SIG 552 (1st person has been changed), changed the 1911 sup shot and changed the AK5's loud shot.  Hopefully shortening several of these will help the game compensate and actually PLAY them properly in game.
4-17-15:Fixed sounds that the recent reload animation update that was effecting the SCARH, P90, MP5, and DE. **edit 2** Fixed/trimmed the R700 (rattlesnake) bolt action sounds to match the current new animation set.
4-26-15: Added RPG, AA12, Minigun and the Side by Side Double Barrel shotgun, reload sounds have also been updated for the RPG and AA12.
4-30-15: Now that the western DLC has been released I fixed/added new lines into sfx bnk file in order to fix sound errors during reloading, hopfully.
5-8-15: Changed the reload sound for the Winchester lever action rifle, changed the Loud shot sound for the Over Under shotgun, the Colt Peacemaker and the Winchester. **updated again in an attempt to increase the volume of the Over Under.
5-18-15: Had to reupload due to LBGing going down.
5-22-15: Fixed (hopefully) loss of reload sound for the new Mateba revolver.
5-26-15: Added reload sounds for M79 Blooper, Fixed and updated RPG sounds (shot and explosions), updated and modified SCAR-H sounds (the brass eject sound is now mostly gone), Fixed Over/Under shotgun sound 3rd person (was too low but never knew), upped the volume on the Colt Peace Makers 1st and 3rd person, Added Scorpion SMG loud and sup, changed Famas mag out (no big deal but I felt it needed something else), I think that's it (I worked on a lot when I binged the sound pack so I may have added other stuff but forgot about it. **edit** remembered something, added the bolt handle lock up for the HK23E since Overkill neglected to add a separate sound in when they reanimated it.
5-27-15: Fixed the lack of 3rd person shot sounds from the AA12, Added an extra mix to the SIG 553 Commando mag out, Changed the Tec9 Loud and added a proper suppressed shot, Changed the MP9 Loud shot and gave it a proper suppressed shot sound as well.
6-5-15: Changed the Glock 22 loud and sup sound just a bit (trimmed off some bits) and tweaked the sup shot for the Glock 18c a bit.
6-16-15: Fixed AA12 Mag in sound (didn't match the actual animation to the extent that I wanted.), Added VHS, MGL reload sounds and added mostly full VHS loud and sup fire sounds.
6-20-15: Added Mateba .357 shot and reload, changed out MGL .40mm shell extract and insert sound.
6-22-15: Changed AKM loud shot sound, changed G3 loud shot sound.
6-26-15: Fixed reload sounds for AS Val and Keltec Sub2000 as well as any loss of sound caused by the update (hopefully).
7-16-15: Fixed any possible missing/loss of reload/action sounds for the new Ninja Update (no new replacements for now).
7-17-15: Replaced KRISS reload sounds, replaced WA-2000 shot sounds (I hope they are loud enough).
7-18-15: Upped volume on WA-2000, Changed 3rd person shot for G3, upped volume for KRISS reload sounds (just in case), Added Jacket's Piece (cobray).
7-26-15: Changed the VS VAL bolt racking sound and added a replacement mag release sound.
8-7-15: Fleshed out the Reinbeck and Serbu shotguns now they have proper 3rd person shot w/pump sound.
8-19-15: Replaced ADS and some weapon swapping sounds, changed out Gl40 (M79) fire and 40mm explosions, changed RPG distant explosion, minor change to FAL mag in sound, trimmed KSG and M1014 shot.
8-19-15: Fixed volume for today's changes.
8-26-15: Added more replacement sounds for weapon deploy & put away and made a change to the ADS sound.
8-27-15: Fixed probable sound blanks Post-DLC, replaced reload sounds for Mini-Uzi, changed around 40mm grenade explosion sounds.
9-10-15: Fixed probable sound errors Post-Chivalry DLC
9-17-15: Added Sub-2000 (Cavity9) loud and sup sounds.
10-8-15: Fixed the AKM HBAR again, loud and sup should play correctly.
10-25-15: Fixed the loss of sound for the new LMG (lost focus for fixing the addition of this LMG and instead went right to updating the rest of the pack rather then releasing a quick fix.)
10-26-15: Long list incoming - Added the new KSP58 (M240/FNMAG) LMG loud & Sup, updated/changed reload sounds for the KRISS V, Uzi & Micro Uzi, Spas & Benelli M4, Galil, AK pattern weapons, AS Val, mp7, P90, VHS, WA-2000; Added replacement player Armor Blowout, Flesh impact, Sniper hit, Flashbang concussion, also added a few new weapons into the pack, the Beretta M9 sup & loud, AMCAR sup & loud, the Micro-Uzi sup & loud, Judge sup & loud, Kriss Vector sup & loud, added a few custom suppressor sounds for the DE, the Saiga 12K, the Barrett .50, and the Spas 12, USP .45 loud, AS Val sup (obviously), AK5 loud, the SWAT sniper, finally all of the rest of the gun shots from A-W were given either small tweaks/minor changes/trimming AND full 3rd person and distant support.  This is a big update and has taken me about... 30-40 hours of work to finally put this together and because of that I also may have forgotten to mention some of the changes but this is what I could remember.  I hope you guys enjoy it, some of the changes may turn some people off because of how different they are from what you're used to (namely player sounds) but to me they are a vast improvement and only add to the experience.   I also want to thank Faildozer for teaching me how to properly import 3rd person/distant sounds and letting me get my hands on a few new sound libraries.  
10-27-15: Fixed possible sound glitch that happens with some players when they use the rifle butt melee strike.
11-3-15: Fixed Micro-Uzi (accidentally overwrote suppressed sound with loud code), Increased the .40mm grenade explosion volume by 2 or 3 more dbs, replaced Peacemaker 45 loud shot with new sound.
11-4-15: Fixed missing sup sound on Famas (small suppressor)
11-5-15: Made some minor changes to the MP7 & Mataba Revolver's reload, added a new sound for the Katana (goes in the same location as all the other sounds).
11-9-15: Further added and improved the Katana addition to the pack it now has full flesh and object impact sounds as well as boosted the sounds further as I found them to be a bit too quite.
11-11-15: Added a separate firing sound for the Piglet (MGL) and added some minor mixing and additions to the reloading sounds, added replacement ammo pickup sounds (includes both normal pickup and Gambler pickup).
11-23-15: Changed 1911 (Crosskill) loud and sup sounds, added some shot variation in the R700 (Rattlesnake), Nagant, Double Barrel shotgun.
11-25-15: mixed/replaced reload sounds for - SCAR-H (Eagle heavy), SIG 553 Commando, MG42, AA12, minor tweak for VHS.
11-27-15: mixed/replaced reload sounds for - AK family, all pistols in some forms, AS Val, Galil, MP9, Mac 10, and Sterling.
12-3-15: Fixed any errors that were caused by the "Point Break" update regarding reload sounds, replaced more of the Model 70's reload and action sounds (the bolt action sounds are a temporary solution for now I'll see what I can dig up), Jericho pistol (baby eagle) reload sounds replaced.
12-4-15: Replaced the temporary bolt action sounds with new ones, replaced Model 70's loud shot sounds
12-5-15: Fixed misplaced Famas loud shot, updated Over Under (OVK did something to the file so I checked it over and applied the changes), Grenade has been updated to work with new update (again OVK added something to it I just reapplied my own sounds to it), the Uzi, VHS (again OVK added or messed with the code so just to be safe I changed what they did).
12-7-15: Replaced/mixed some reload sounds for: L85a2, VHS, KRISS, M4, M16, AK5, Para, AMCAR, Famas, AS Val; Added some shot variation in the: G22, DE, MG-42, M9, Mateba, USP 45.
12-9-15: Re-mixed loud shot sounds for G3 and Famas.
1-2-16: Changed G3 shot (I suggest backing up the previous version just in case weapon_g3.bnk), and added 3rd person shot for Plat Rifle (Model 70).
1-11-16: Modified/Mixed the Galil suppressed shot sound.
1-14-16: Added updated data lines to sfx file so there should no longer be missing reload sounds or what have you.
1-19-16: Updated sounds for - Benelli M4, M4 sup and loud, G22 sup and loud, G18c sup and loud.
1-25-16: Small modification to G3 Bolt forward and back sounds.
2-5-16: Lowered AS Val mag out sound, mixed the MP9's bolt forward sound.
2-7-16: updated regular_sfx.bnk file, hadn't updated it in a while it was missing a few sounds.
2-13-16: Fixed reloads/shot post-Wolf DLC and Added replacement China Lake shot sound and full reload replacement sounds.
2-13-16: Second update, fixed cutoff suppressed 870 Shotgun sound (Reinbeck)
3-24-16: Fixed missing audio bug after Hardcore Henry DLC, possible sound replacement coming later on.
3-25-16: Changed both Akimbo (sr2_x) and SR2 SMG sounds, loud and sup.
3-26-16: Replaced all of the Jericho's sounds (Baby Eagle), fixed the missing sniper headshot sound (at some point I added an extra # sign).
3-31-16: Added PL-14 Strike pistol sounds (loud and sup).
4-21-16: Updated & Fixed missing sounds from additional akimbo weapons.
5-12-16: Fixed possible errors with new DLC edition.
5-20-16: Added replacement sounds for the Bootleg Assault Rifle "Weapon_tecci" (HK416C) which includes (I hope) full reload and both loud and suppressed shot sounds.
5-30-16: Replaced lever action sounds on the Winchester lever action and also added/mixed new loud shot sounds for the same rifle.
6-2-16: Changed DE's Suppressed shot sound
6-3-16: Fixed possible missing sound issues post-patch 100 and added replacement sounds for Akimbo Krinks, possibly more changes to come later.
6-16-16: Fixed probable missing sound issue with Biker update.
6-16-16: Added missing sounds (I made a mistake and missed a step in the compile process.
6-21-16: Added Model 70 (platypus) suppressed shot sounds.
6-24-16: Added complete shot sounds for the CZ Bren 805 "SMG" (from the biker heist DLC, file is hajk), added loud shot for both the Model 1887 Lever action shotgun and the M37 Ithica (boot and M37 file name).  I wasn't able to fully test any of these so they may or may not be 100% as I don't own any of the DLC.
7-2-16: Added (hopefully) reload sounds for the M37 Ithaca shotgun (Goat DLC).
7-17-16: Fixed missing suppressed sounds for Galil rifle (gazelle I think) also lowered the volume of said sound just a bit.
7-30-16: Changed AK5 loud shot.
9-02-16: Fixed AA12 loud sound where there should be a suppressed sound & Added a proper suppressed sound, replaced previous version WA2000 loud and sup sounds.
9-03-16: Something odd happened during the compression progress and somehow the zip file was reverted back several versions, I have no idea how or why but it should be fixed now with the past update as well.
9-14-16: Added more reload sounds to WA2000.
10-17-16: Fixed any possible missing audio after the multiple updates, added/replaced minor sound for FN FAL mag in.
10-24-16: Lowered volume for Blaster SMG (tec9) as it was a bit too loud.
11-13-16: Updated regular_weapons_sfx file, replaced all 3 John Wick 2 DLC weapons (packrat, desertfox, schakal - big thanks to Frankelstner & illumibooty for bringing the updated hashlist to me)
11-14-16: Fixed any misplaced reload sounds on the new JW2 DLC weapons everything is now in it’s correct place, increased the volume on some sounds and mixed a few more to add variation in the gun shots.  
11-25-16: Fixed any missing sounds for the new Gage Spec-Ops DLC.
11-26-16: Fixed the GL again (seems like Overkill doesn't like doing things consistently anymore) and possibly added the "beep" for the flashbang but I do not know.
11-29-16: Complete change of the Arbiter Grenade launcher (gl40(XM25)), replaced all reload sounds for double-barreled shotgun, minor change (maybe if it worked properly) police flashbang custom sound now back I think).
12-02-16: Lowered loud Uzi shot sound, changed loud shot for VHS, changed and varied the Loco(serbu).
12-05-16: Changed the Masconi shot sound(Hunstman), added some echo and extra behind the shot for the Joceline O/U (b682), added different slide racking sound for Contractor pistol (packrat), changed racking sound for WA2000 (lakner), major changes to Desert Eagle (deagle) reload sounds which also covers all akimbo pistol reload sounds, and changed/modified the 1911/SIG/USP/Glock series/M9/PPK... pretty much all of the pistols draw from the same 2 or 3 sources it seems other then the newer ones.
12-15-16: Fixed missing sounds for the new underbarrel M203 Grenade launcher (GL40 again), updated whatever new sounds were added to the regular_sfx and weapons_sfx files.
12-19-16: Completely replaced all of the Little Friend’s sounds, reload & fire sounds as well as the M203 shot (weapon_contraband & gl40 respectively).  I am unable to completely test these sounds out so if there is something wrong or perhaps some of the sounds are too quite I will hopefully be able to fix that quickly and send out an updated version this however is what I can come up with.
12-22-16: Corrected the CZ Bren 805 (weapon_hajk) reload sounds they are now fully replaced, modified HK416C's loud shot sound as well as upped the volume on the reload (weapon_tecci), lowered volume for the RPK's loud shot sound.
12-23-16: Increased the volume on all or most of the "Little Friend"'s reload sounds according to user feedback (contraband).
12-26-16: Changed the Breaker's reload and action sounds so now they click more then scratch if you understand (once you hear the difference you'll understand).
1-4-17: removed cloth sound from UMP (jackal smg, schakal), and finally replaced the Concussion grenade sounds (same name for file).
1-6-17: Mixed/Changed loud shot sounds for SCAR-H (scar) and AKMSU (same name).
1-10-17: Mixed loud fire sounds for Desert Eagle (deagle) and Raven Shotgun (keltec).
1-23-17: Updated the readme file to hopefully clear up any and all questions about where the end users need to drop the sound files.
2-1-17: Changed G22 (chimino Custom) loud fire sound, added variations in Saiga 12 loud shot sound.
2-7-17: Fixed incorrect loud sound on the Car-4 (m4) where a suppressed sound should have been in the 3rd person, minor trimming of the Uzi loud shot & changed some of the reload sounds, increased the volume on the Queen's Wrath (l85) 3rd person loud shot (it may still not be loud enough but it's better now I think).
2-9-17: Added/fixed any possible missing sounds from update (I do not have the new weapon bnk yet so that is not part of this update).
2-10-17: Added the Contractor .308 rifle (tti) and replaced all sounds (reload, loud, sup, 3rd person & distance)
3-18-17: Added complete/mixed Flamethrower shot sounds.
3-24-17: Completely replaced all/most sounds for SVD (siltstone), Bizon SMG (coal), AK12 (flint).
3-24-17: Fixed a loud sound for the small suppressor on the Bizon & also added some variation in the loud shot sound, added some variation in the shot sound for the SVD, changed a small item in the AS VAL reload.
4-3-17: Upped volume for Little Friend (contraband) loud and sup shot sounds and changed a few minor reload sounds, changed out a suppressed shot sound for the Contractor rifle (tti) as well as upped volume for some of the reload sounds.
4-5-17: Added Commando 101 launcher (ray), made the UMP sound less inconsistent during long strings of automatic fire (schakal)
4-7-17: Added Minigun no really this time I finally got it to work, changed it from an original sound that I had intended to use but this one sounds better
4-15-17:Added full White Phosphorous grenade sounds (white), full 5-7 sounds (lemming) and some mixed AK5 suppressed sounds (ak5).
4-30-17: Possibly fixed mis-assigned sound for Bizon loud 3rd person shot (coal) as well as 3rd person shot sound for the G36.
5-5-17: Added Smoke grenade sounds(lung), updated C4 Trip mine sounds (no revolver yet).
5-7-17: Added full sounds for the Castigo .44 Revolver (chinchilla)
5-17-17: Fixed/added reload sounds for Ithica shotgun (gsp12), added an extra bit for the Keltec Sub2k.
5-22-17: Added/fixed Sub2k suppressed fire sounds, replaced most ASD/deploy weapon/item sounds, replaced deployable turret loud shot (bit more realistic might try something else later), changed AK type mag in sound just a bit.
5-25-17: Added AP Turret loud sounds, full Broomhandle (c96) sounds, changed the AA12 suppressed shot sounds, minor reload sound changes to the XM-25 (gl40).
6-3-17: Changed the Car4 & Para (m4) loud sounds including a different HBAR mod shot sound {thanks to my friend Hashimoto Soda for the real ar-15 sounds}, updated the Judge shotgun loud shot, AA-12 and Saiga 12 now have changes done to their suppressed shot sounds and upped the volume a bit on the M-16's 3rd person sound.
6-23-17: Akimbo Heathers (sr2_x) semi-auto sound fixed because... Overkill
7-11-17: Fixed missing "new" 3rd person reload sounds, all should be working now, I'm not sure if I'll be able to replace these since it would really require another person for me to listen to every single gun in 3rd person reloading, bot just aren't reliable enough.
7-13-17: Updated the regular_weapon_sfx file to include the updated, fixed and now replaced MP5 (comp5) reload now that Overkill finally added it back in after almost 2 years.
7-14-17: Changed sounds for the USP45 and 1911 (usp45, c45) and fixed the weapon swap/ADS stereo problems.
7-27-17: Fixed lack of 3rd person sound for the M240(svinet), mixed the shell insert sounds for the China Lake (gl40), modified the 1st and 3rd person shot sounds for the Bronco (rbull).
9-6-17: Added new sounds for the MG-42 (mg42), Thompson 1928 (m1928), Nagant 91/30 (nagant), M1 Garand (ching), Luger (breech), & MP-40 (erma), I also lowered the volume for the "armor hit" sounds and changed out some reload sounds so also replace the regular_weapons_sfx file.
9-16-17: Slight change to M1 Garand reload (ching), Fixed 3rd person suppressed shot for G36, Modified M-95(barrett), Made a few changes to some of the revolver reload sounds and maybe a few others, mixed the loud shot of the 1887 shotgun (boot), added streamed folder in order to finally replace the bipod sounds.
10-26-17: Added suppressed sounds for the KSG12 (keltec) & Benelli M4, trimmed suppressed shot for Mac10, and M870 (reinbeck880).
11-1-17: Changed sounds for Crosskill 1911 (m45), Colt defender (shrew), Grimm 12G (basset & basset_x), c96 Boomhandle & reload sounds, S&W revolver (chinchilla) and completely replaced the new 3rd person animation reload sounds, and changed mag in sound for the MP7, there may be more but I can't remember.
11-29-17: Lowered the armor impact hit sound another two decibels, shortened the loud 1887's shot (boot), changed RPK sound (minor change to the tail yet because of PD2's sound system sounds like an AA gun). 
12-11-17: Mixed sounds for the Goliath (Six12 or rota) shotgun nothing fancy just mixed the loud and suppressed sounds.
12-15-17: Added F2000 (corgi) full replacements and reused but amplified some stock reload sounds, filled in gaps missing file gaps for regular_weapon_sfx and regular_sfx files (simple updating nothing of mine added).
1-11-18: Added reload & fire sounds (1st and 3rd person) to the M320 GL (slap).

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12-14-2017, 09:36 PM
It's an FN F2000 from what I checked.

12-14-2017, 09:33 PM
New Update passed through, adding a new gun. The Union 5.56 Rifle.

11-30-2017, 01:07 AM
@ Pierce - if you're referring to the increased bass and apparent loudness of the shot sound, yes, I have never been able to figure out what causes that exact issue for the RPK and the AK-17, the lead sound dev doesn't even know (go figure right?...).  There is simply no rhyme or reason as to why just these two weapons react this way to any sort of change to their default sound.

11-29-2017, 10:30 PM
Are you saying even if you put in the insurgency2 RPK sounds it would still sound like that?

11-06-2017, 03:06 AM
@Spitphire, go to the thread if you really wish to continue this chat, I have explained WHY the RPK sound is the way that it is multiple times and I'm not going to do it here as it will just get lost while at the same time cluttering up the download page itself. 

11-05-2017, 03:08 PM
but maybe i'm just being picky "shrug" do what you will its your mod/time and if you think it's fine as is than so be it.
regardless thank you for putting in the time and work to create this mod and i wish you luck on all your future endeavors.

11-05-2017, 02:59 PM
i think you're misunderstanding what i meant, my issue with the rpk sound isn't the sound volume as that is the same as the other sounds in the pack but with the sound effect itself which is very low quality compared to the other sounds in the pack, to where even the vanilla sound is better. 
here's a comparison so you can see what i mean  vanilla:  with your sound pack: 
also i'm not sure what you mean about half life sounds the ak/rpk sounds in the valve sound pack are from the LFD2 ak47. also to be clear i'm not trying to dis you or your mod i was just wondering if it would be possible to take another look at the ak/rpk sounds as even my friend who normally couldn't care less about sound effects in video games thought it sounded out of place.

11-03-2017, 11:49 PM
Just saying spitsphire it was not "taken out of generic '80s".  You'll never get a good RPK sound because of the way Overkill made the RPK, every single sound that you put on that weapon will sound much louder then it should be, not even the head sound dev at Overkill knows why it and the AK-17 have the same issue.  Honestly HL2 never had good weapon audio wise except for the combine rifle, even when HL2 was fresh and new almost none of the weapon sounds impressed me they were quite a step backwards from HL1.

11-03-2017, 03:45 PM
o one more thing before i forget i've noticed while using this pack the first and third person sounds are quieter than the vanilla sounds so i was wondering if it would be possible to raise them slightly?
thanks again.

11-03-2017, 03:37 PM
hay hawk been using the mod for a while now and its pretty cool, one of my biggest gripes with it though is the fire sound for the rpk lmg its.........well to be frank it sounds like it was gotten out of a folder titled generic machine gun sounds_80s, and its very out of place compared to all the other sounds added by this pack. i was wondering if it would be possible to replace it with a better/diferent sound. personally i replace it (and most of the other ak sounds) with the sounds from the valve weapon sound pack:  tho even they aren't quit up to snuff in terms of quality.
like i said tho over all very good mod keep it up!

10-19-2017, 12:20 AM
I love you, after 1600 hours i cant stand the base sounds anymore

09-16-2017, 11:42 PM
hi which file is the one for damage taking sound ? 

09-07-2017, 03:45 AM
Just saying that if the worst issue that you can find with something is that you need to read and follow directions then I guess you may have other things wrong that require greater urgency then installing a mod because honestly creating all of 2 folders is not "terribly complicated" sorry to say.

09-07-2017, 01:57 AM
It is indeed terribly complicated.

09-06-2017, 08:11 AM
I still don't understand why you're just putting the soundfiles in the .zip, along with a readme how to install them... It's unnecessarily complicated. You could just put the files in "Hawks_soundpack/soundbanks/" inside the .zip and write in the description that it goes into mod_overrides.

09-05-2017, 01:24 AM
Well gang Overkill effectively killed my mod, after their last BLT update which changed something in the files I can no longer use the bundler to extract the game files and thus I can not change anythingUnless someone comes up with a new solution it's pretty much a done deal, if anyone has any suggestions or methods that are reasonable (don't require you to understand C++ or something) then I'm all ears.   I'll update what I can but now I'm pretty limited even with stuff that's already been in the game for years. 

09-03-2017, 05:40 AM
@ Afterburn - I'm sorry but having 2 separate large files that I had to maintain separately is just too much of  PITA and again they're fine to me, that said I just got done lowering the volume on all of the armor impact sounds by 4 dB so hopefully that'll be enough, I never found them too loud to be quite honest.  Since Overkill broke the file system in their attempt to decrease file size and so on I am unable to get any of the new WW2 weapons at this time so I'm just trying to do something to keep the pack alive, coming up empty handed though other then that change.

08-17-2017, 08:48 AM
@ Afterburn  
Hawk isn't going to remove any of the sounds. He's said in forum posts and discussions that he won't. I would guess the ear piercing armor hit, health hit and flashbang sounds are in the regular_sfx.bnk file. Remove that file.

08-05-2017, 11:26 PM
@Hawk Mkay, I love the mod. Although I really hate the armor damage sounds, I can't tell which file is for the armor. Please help, thanks!

07-19-2017, 09:21 PM
Hi. Do you mind if I use sounds from your pack to create a pack for PDTH?