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Weapons attachments customizer
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Weapons attachments customizer is mod that allows to visually change attachments models and make weapons look like you want without sacrificing stats.

Mod additionally features:
Allowing to use unique weapon attachments models for common stocks/barrel extensions/etc, [1]
Customizing sights zoom level, [1]
Keep Front-post on Colt M733, K23 and M16 with sights, [1]
Proper backup iron sights (AUG, Saiga 12K, MAC-10, P90 and Striker),
Single fire as default fire mode for selected weapons,
Various attachments/weapon fixes. [1]

1) Q: How to use this mod ?
A: As category suggest you need to have BLT lua hook to use this mod.
2) Q: Where i find mod options ?
A: Options -> Mods options -> Weapons attachments customizer.
3) Q: Can other players see replaced attachments ?
A: No mod is client-side. Only you will be able to see replaced models on own/other players weapons.
4) Q: Is this mod compatible with X or Y mod ?
A: Mod is written in such way it should be compatible with any attachment related mod.
5) Q: Can't find some AK or M4/M16 attachments in weapon sub menus.
A: Common used attachments by these weapons are in: Attachments -> AK Attachments/AR15 Attachments.
6) Q: This mod don't work with well with X custom mod ?
A: Check Weapons attachments customizer - Custom mods Addon

Recommended/Optional mods:
Zdann's -  "Drum Magazine Model Fixes" Fixes and improves drum magazines models (Required to use some of Drum Magazine options in mod).
Dr_Newbie's - "Use Non-Silenced Sound" Required for "Hide Suppressors models" option.
BF4 Flip-up sights for MBUS - Can be used by iron sight option for AUG, Saiga 12K, MAC-10, P90 and Striker. [1][2]
- Fixed TR-1 suppressor didn't work with "Hide Suppressors models" option.
- Added Keep Front-Post with Sights (Colt M733, K23 and M16).
- Added "Stubby Comp" as option for shotgun barrel extensions.
- Added Short Barrel option to G3 DMR Barrel.
- Added HK M320 Vert Grip.
- Added Desert Eagle L6 Barrel.
- Added MAC-11 Hide RIS Kit.
- Added HK MP7 Standard Magazine.
- Added HK MP7 Vert Grip.
- Real names: Added FN prefix to FN weapons.
- Real names: Added HK prefix to HK weapons.
- Fixed missing string for Upper Receiver.
- Added more stock options for AK-74, AKM and AKMSU.
- Added HK M320 "Remove Ladder Sight".
- Added 92FS Competitor Compensator.
- Added Short Barrel option for M16.
- Added Vector Precision Barrel.
- Fixed MP40 missing flash hider model when using "Hide AR/SMG Barrel Extensions" option.
- Changed M733 name to Colt Model 733.
- Added MP40 "Use flash hider model for compensators" option.
- Added FN F2000 Tactical.
- Fixed problem with DMR barrel and "Use Suppressed Barrel for Suppressors" option.
- Added AR15 bolt carrier customization for each Upper Receiver attachment.
- Added AR15 charging handle customization for each Upper Receiver attachment.
- Fixed Spike X1S Saiga-12K was missing from menu when using "PD2 names" option.
- Fixed weapons in WAC menus wasn't sorted alphabetically when using "PD2 names" option.
- Improved "Real names" option names.
- Added option to rename in-game weapon names with same names that are used in "Real names" option for WAC menus.
- Added Colt Defender.
- Removed redundant override table warning.
- Added Deagle Standard Barrel.
- Added Spike X1S Saiga-12K Short Handguard.
- Added HK416C Vertical Grip.
- Fixed part of script that previously could create script errors and removed feature that prevented that.
- Fixed "No Vertical Grip" option was missing.
- Fixed Trijicon RMR sight options.
- Added Tactical Stock for K23.
- Updated for BLT 2.0
- Added M1 Garand.
- Added MP40.
- Added Luger P08.
- Added support for Custom mods Addon
- Removed SUB-2000 rear sight fix since OVK fixed it at some point.
- Fixed M240 magazine not removing bullets from belt when empty. -
- Fixed potential crash when using MP5 Surefire 628 Forend with suppressed barrel option.
- Replaced M1928A1 "Use only synthetic parts" option with separate parts.
- Added 45 degree DeltaPoint Sight zoom level customization.
- Added 45 degree Micro T-1 Sight zoom level customization.
- Fixed missing HPS suppressor options after last options revamp.
- Replaced JP Recoil Eliminator option in Barrel Extensions menu with Selectable model option. This option contains flash hider models from different weapons.
- Fixed script error in 1911 option.
- Changed available barrel ext/suppressor options.
- Added Sights and scopes zoom level customization.
- Added G36 ZF 3x4 sight zoom level customization.
- Added HK416C JP Recoil Eliminator.
- Added G36KV Compact Handguard.
- Added rest of WA2000 grips.
- Added WA2000 Long Barrel.
- Fixed P30L options not working with akimbo variant.
- Fixed SR-2M options not working with akimbo variant.
- Added individual barrel extension options for 1911 and 92FS.
- Added "No Stock" option to Cobray M-11/9.
- Added MP9 Standard Magazine.
- Added Galil SAR Handguard.
- Added 92FS Engraved Grip.
- Added FAMAS Long Barrel.
- Small fixes.
- Added own magazine options for M4 and M16.
- Added P30L "Use Wick Comp. model for Suppressors".
- Added Smith & Wesson Model 29.
- Added MP5 PDW Stock.
- Fixed Extended Magazine options not working on Akimbo Glock 26.
- Fixed 92FS Professional Compensator had not working option.
- Added "Invisible model" for 92FS Professional Compensator.
- Added more stocks for HK416C.
- Added Five-seveN.
- Added XM25 CDTE.
- Added US PALM AK30 Magazine as option for AK Quadstack Mag.
- Added Surefire 628 to MP5 handguards.
- Added MP5KA4 PDW Stock to MP5 stocks.
- Fixed "Hide Barrel Extensions" and "Hide Suppressor models" options to work with latest weapons.
- Added AK-12 "Use flash hider model for compensators".
- Added PP-19 "Use flash hider model for compensators".
- Added MP5 "Use MP5SD Barrel for Suppressors".
- Added more options to MP5 Surefire 628 Forend.
- Added PP-19 Grip for AK Grips.
- Fixed TR1 Stock wasn't replaced by "Use only ... Stock" options.
- Fixed M4 Magpul assist mag options.
- Added AKM(Gold) Magpul assist Magazine.
- Added AK-12.
- Added PP-19.
- Added SVD.
- Fixed PSL Stock option on AKM.
- Improvements to code that lowers possibility of script errors when using "Apply changes" button.
- Added G3 Plastic Foregrip.
- Added RPK Stocks to Saiga 12K.
- Added Glock 26 Extended Magazine.
- Added HK21E Standard Foregrip.
- Added USP Match Slide.
- Added TTI TR-1 Grip and Stock.
- Added TTI TR-1 attachments as options: [1]
PRI MSTN Muzzle Brake -> AR/SMG Barrel Extensions.
TTI TR-1 Grip -> AR15 Grips.
Cobra Tactical Angled Foregrip -> Vertical Grips.
VLTOR Stock -> AR15 Stocks.
- Fixed missing MG42 and M1928 flash hider after enabling "Hide AR/SMG Barrel Extensions" option.
- Fixed "Hide Suppressors models" option wasn't working correctly.
- Fixed missing HK417 flash hider after enabling "Hide AR/SMG Barrel Extensions" option.
- Fixed Cobray M11/9 Body and Stock options.
- Added CRYE Precsion SIX12 "Use Suppressed Barrel for Suppressors".
- Added CRYE Precsion SIX12 Short Barrel.
- Added HK417 "Use flash hider model for compensators".
- Added Oil Filter as option for pistol suppressors.
- Added M240 Short Barrel.
- Added G36 Handguard.
- Replaced "Hide Ladder Sight" with "Disable Ladder Sight" since that option was too problematic to disable.
- Added option to Replace suppressed barrels with standard barrels models for "Hide Suppressors models".
- Added Shell Rack for Short 870 (Option shared with normal 870).
- Added HK417 Stock as option for AR-15 weapons.
- Added 1911 Engraved Grip.
- Fixed and readded "Apply changes" button.
- Fixed Potential script error when using some options.
- Fixed some small bugs.
- Disabled temporary "Apply changes" button.
- Added option to use compensator model for "Hide Suppressors models".
- Added HK417 Stock.
- Added temporary fix for some problems caused by other mods.
- Fixed Deagle Long Barrel.
- Fixed missing strings.
- Fixed AKMSU options didnt work on akimbo varaint.
- Fixed vz. 61 "Use only unique suppressor model" option.
- Fixed K23 LR300 handguard options not working.
- Added more options to K23 handguards.
- Changed large part of script and now WAC will try to add code to overrride tables instead of replacing content of tables this theoretically makes it compatible with other mods that use such tables.
- Removed incompatibility mods detector.
- Fixed Duckbill choke not working with "Hide Shotgun Barrel Extensions".
- Added AKMSU MAGPUL magazine assist.
- Fixed Questionable bug added by OVK to third person AK74 Standard Barrel model.
- Fixed Some replaced AK handguards didn't use correct bone for sights.
- Added "G36 Handguard" option to G36KV handguards.
- Added M1A Sage EBR Stock.
- Fixed for U124.
- Fixed missing strings.
- Added Saiga 12k Fuglystick Rail Cobra.
- Added Saiga 12k Short Barrel.
- Added MP5 Surefire 628 Forend.
- Added MAGPUL magazine assist.
- Added P90 Magazine Strap.
- Fixed for U124.
- Fixed BS09 Short Barrel and Stock.
- Added MP9 "Use only unique suppressor model".
- Added L85 Short Barrel and Grip.
- Added UMP45 Surefire M900.
- Added VHS Short Barrel.
- Fixed missing Surefire M900 option for CZ805.
- Added Short Mag option for UMP45 Extended Mag.
- Added Long Barrel option for 2006M Barrels.
- Added Mateba 2006M Long Barrel.
- Added Raging Bull Aggressor Barrel.
- Added Walther PPK Laser Grip.
- Disabled options in are now enabled.
- Fixed missing strings.
- Added P30L "Use Wick Comp. model for Compensators"
- Added UMP45 "Use Gemtech UMP Supp. for Suppressors"
- Changed PD2 names to be default weapons names when real names have to selected from misc menu.
- Unrestricted AUG Vertical Grip. [1]
- Added UMP45 "Single fire as default fire mode".
- Added M4A1/M16A4 "Use only Standard Grip".
- Added Surefire M900 for CZ805.
- Added Surefire M900 as option for Vertical Grips. [1] [2]
- Added P30L.
- Added SRS.
- Added UMP45.
- Disabled some secondary weapons customization options due bug that was added in ~U110.
- Fixed No Stock option on AK's wasn't removing AR15 stock adapter.
- Added AA12 "Use Suppressed Barrel for Suppressors"
- Added SUB-2000 Receiver options for handguards.
- Fixed SUB-2000 not using folded iron sights when attaching sights
- Fixed SUB-2000 iron sight bug added by OVK in 108
- Added 92FS "Use Professional Compensator for Barrel Extensions"
- Added MP9 Suppressor as option for AR/SMG suppressors
- Added Tactical Stock as option for M4/M16 Stocks
- Added Medium Suppressor
- Added Short 870 Barrel

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01-19-2018, 09:49 PM
In that case, would it be possible for you to add a base zoom changer? I've been looking through the Lua a lot and I've tried self.tweakdata to reduce the base zoom to 1 but that still zooms in and anything below 1 crashes the game. I'm too new to modding to figure out a workaround on my own.

01-19-2018, 03:24 PM
@Vehrion: Iron sights don't have zoom stat they same base zoom as weapon.
@vodro: Added.
@=M$= Maazky: 1) and 2) added.
@Dogmeat: All these options works fine on my end.
@Evil Eye: That suppressor was noticeable clipping with some weapons so i removed it.
@Little Spike Dragon: Added.
@Kujo Jotaro: Fixed.
@Killah Zillah: Actually F2000 uses same vert grip as CZ-805 so both guns now share same option.

01-18-2018, 07:35 AM
I'm not sure when you added the customizing sights zoom level, only noticed the feature recently.

Could it be possible for you to add that option for iron sights aswell, and add an option for no zoom at all? There used to be a mod that does this but it no longer works.

01-13-2018, 09:28 PM
please add extended magazine option for replace default magazine to SpecOps


01-12-2018, 03:51 AM
Can you add the short barrel for to the DMR kit options from the Gewehr 3 ?
And can you add the stubby comp. to the shotgun barrel ext. ?
pls :3

01-07-2018, 03:28 PM
The options for "Use Standard ___", IE: AK17 default grip & stock, default Vertex stock,  stopped working for me. This has happened before a long time ago but I don't remember how to fix it.

01-07-2018, 11:32 AM
If you find time to look into it, i remember there was option to change "bigger the better" and other two standart silencers into a "tactical supressor" which is exclusive for MP9. Well, now there is no such option. 
Thanks for your time.

01-06-2018, 09:30 PM
Just today i noticed that you did both of my requests, thanks man, that's realy nice.

01-06-2018, 08:33 PM
Another request from me, to add a setting to hide the railed handguard for the Mark 10.

01-03-2018, 05:01 PM
will need an update for contractor's silencer barrel to un-silenced barrel, the option that we already have doesnt change this

01-01-2018, 04:47 PM
Any chance of adding vertical foregrip options for the new Union 5.56, like what the CR-805b has?

12-29-2017, 09:42 AM
Oh yeah, I forgot about that nerf. Either way, thanks for updating this mod constantly for us.

12-28-2017, 08:50 PM
@Little Spike Dragon: 1) After LMG concealment changes it seems to be even more useless than before. 2) Added. 3) Next update 4) Added.
@Baron O' Beef-Dip: Not possible.
@Evil Eye: 1) and 2) Added.

12-28-2017, 08:27 AM
Requests to add settings to hide the:

-RPK's Tactical Foregrip, since it's useful now
-Kriss Vector's Precision Barrel
-Deagle's unique compensators and Custom Milled Barrel
-Bernetti 9's Competitor Compensator

12-22-2017, 01:19 PM
No Stock for M1014/Super90?

12-18-2017, 05:29 PM
Can you please add ability to turn AK's stocks into AR's? I was looking to turn "classic" stock into "tactical".

12-15-2017, 08:28 PM
Oh wait; Nevermind, I'm just dumb.

12-15-2017, 08:27 PM
Bug report; For the AR15 attachments, choosing the standard upper receiver doesn't seem to work.

12-15-2017, 08:06 PM
When you put the sights on m16 ingame the front post is getting removed, without it the standard barrel still looks too long. Is it absolutely impossible to make that barrel shorter?

12-15-2017, 07:52 PM
@Lore-Friendly: Fixed.
@Evil Eye: Already in mod (M16 Standard = M4 Medium) and M16 can't use short barrel model due front post.
@Baron O' Beef-Dip: FAQ #3