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Make Bots Great Again

The vanilla teammate AI is basically designed to be a couple of guaranteed Jokered cops with health regen instead of being virtual recreations of actual players. This mod tweaks and changes certain aspects of the bots so they are both more useful and are more similar to human players. No longer will you have to deal with babysitting new players from the most recent Steam sale. Changes are as follows:
  • Bots will automatically mark Tasers when they are tased
  • Bots can dominate cops
  • Bots can melee enemies, knocking them down and dealing half of their health in damage
  • Bots can dominate, intimidate, and mark NPCs independently, rather than sharing a timer for these actions
  • Additionally, bots will not mark enemies who are already marked, increasing the variety of marked enemies; the code for marking has also been improved for efficiency
  • Furthermore, bots will now mark turrets
  • Bots are included in the difficulty calculations by the game, allowing for a more human game experience
  • Bots have had their "aim delay" and "focus delay" values set to 0, enabling them to aim and shoot at enemies immediately
  • Bots can now hit targets at any range, including Snipers
  • Bots have had their "run_start" and "run_stop" animations removed, enabling them to better keep up with players
  • Bots will use human player outlines in offline mode
  • Bots can shoot through one another and even hostages, so no more dead dominated cops
  • Bots will not drop their bags if they can inspire the player or the bag is light enough to run with
  • Further, bots' movement penalty when carrying bags is now similar to human players
  • Bots will wear the Lightweight Ballistic Vest and either a doctor bag or ammo bag (chosen at random) to make them appear more human (note that the bags cannot be deployed and the armor does not increase their durability, both are purely cosmetic)
  • Bots will automatically reload their weapons if they are out of combat and their magazines are at least half empty, rather than only reloading when their mags are totally dry
  • Bots' targeting has been overhauled, prioritizing enemies based on distance and focusing on specials
  • The bots' code for intimidating civilians has been improved and optimized for performance; bots will shout at civilians immediately if they are not on the floor, no matter what
  • Bots' reactions have been streamlined and optimized for faster reflexes and target acquisition
  • Many of these changes will also apply to Jokers, such as the improved targeting and reloading out of combat
  • Bots will count for the "crew alive" experience and money bonus at the end of the heist in offline mode
  • The following are completely customizable:
    1. Health amount
    2. Movement speed
    3. Enabling dodging
    4. Forcing instant custody upon being downed
    5. Forcing arrests by Cloakers rather than downs
    6. Disabling of warcries
    7. Announcing low health (ie, asking for a doctor bag)
    8. Enabling independent domination of cops, rather than just assisting with your own dominations
    9. Enabling additional bots with the Big Lobby mod
    10. Giving the bots near-instant reaction times
    11. Forcing bots to mask up immediately when a loud sound is made, rather than waiting for the actual alarm
    12. Improving and balancing bots' damage/accuracy/etc
    13. Disabling dead enemy ammo pickups from bot kills
As with all BLT mods, simply drag the included "Better Bots" folder into your "mods" folder within your PAYDAY 2 installation.

See the included "readme" file for information on credits and contributions.

If you regularly play only or mostly with bots, I would recommend using these mods along with Better Bots:
Bot Bullet Collision Fixer
Bot Weapons and Equipment
Ask Bot to Fix the Drill
Full Speed Swarm
Version 16:
- Massively rewrote parts of the mod for performance and optimization reasons; the mod now has the smallest impact on performance possible
- Fixed a possible client crash related to bots' melee kills
- Fixed a crash related to the French localization
- Bots will now use three round burst fire with the Vanilla+ weapon proficiency
- The spread value for Vanilla+ is now 15 (was 5, vanilla is 25)
- Bots will no longer use a "stare" or "pause" delay when acquiring targets and are much more reactive to enemies overall
- The mod no longer modifies any cop-related code, which should help with compatibility with other mods and prevent issues with future game updates

Version 17:
- Removed the "Bot Number" option; the total number of bots will now always be 3 unless using the Big Lobby option
- Removed the weapon profiency and weapon choice options and added the reduced spread and three round burst fire from Vanilla+ to the default weapon settings; additionally, the mod no longer affects the damage of weapons at all
- Fixed bots dominating and meleeing dead enemies
- Fixed a possible crash related to the bots getting melee kills while all human players are in custody
- Simplified and optimized the "smart reload" code
- Further optimized the bots' targeting code
- Reworked how bots target Shields so they will more accurately discern if a Shield can be attacked
- Temporarily removed non-English localizations until the end of the Henchmen beta

Version 18:
- Further improved and optimized the bots' reaction times
- Reduced the default spread to 5 in order to give the bots a fighting chance against the increased enemy spawns
- Improved the recoil and reload times of bots' akimbos and shotguns
- Changed the default choice for the move speed option to reflect the new vanilla setting
- Fixed a bug that occasionally caused the bots to shoot dominated cops

Version 19:
- Fixed a crash related to a failed reaction check. Thanks to Spruebox for the detailed crash report.

Version 20:
- Removed damage falloff from the bots' weapons since Overkill apparently doesn't realize that weapon damage doesn't linearly interpolate between falloff range presets
- Rewrote parts of the bots' targeting code so they will be considerably less likely to assign a new "attention_object" when they already have one, thus keeping them locked on their targets and making the delay from assigning a new one less evident
- Added an option to give the bots "hyper reflexes"; this will cause them to aggressively seek out enemies when they are in their "idle" logic and will thus keep them ready to engage at a moment's notice. However, since this can have an impact on performance, this option is turned off by default.
- Rewrote the code used by the bots to mark enemy specials; it should now be much more efficient
- Additionally, bots will no longer mark Shields at all since that enemy type spawns incessantly and the bots cannot damage them most of the time anyway. This should keep voice spam to a minimum.

Version 21:
- Removed the "min damage interval" option and enabled it by default
- Bots will now focus on Shields if they are equipped with the AP ammo booster in the Henchmen beta
- Fixed an issue with bots attacking domination targets if the user did not have auto-doms turned on
- Reverted the damage falloff change from version 20 since the bots were doing entirely too much damage with it
- Fixed an error with retrieving in-game settings that caused false entries in the BLT's error log

Version 22:
- Fixed a crash related to an incorrect version incremental
- Changed the automatic masking up upon alerts in stealth into an option, which is disabled by default

Version 23:
- Removed the "Difficulty Balances Includes Bot Total" option for compatibility with the recent spawn changes
- Removed the "Bots Use Min Damage Interval" option since that is now in the vanilla game
- Removed the change to hurt animations since that is also in the vanilla game now
- Changed the bots' weapon spread to 15 (was 5, vanilla is 25); this is the lowest value used in any vanilla preset and is also the spread value used by the bots in PD:TH; this value will likely not be changed again
- Rewrote parts of the "Hyper Reflexes" function for performance reasons, dramatically cutting down on the number of switches from the bots' "idle" to "assault" logic
- Improved the bots' ability to avoid accidentally shooting cops in the process of domination

Version 24:
- Bots no longer regenerate their health upon dodging due to their incredible vanilla durability
- Removed the "bots use single fire" option due to issues with certain bot weapons firing more quickly than intended
- Streamlined bot accuracy/recoil/etc for consistency across weapon types
- Fixed bot contours not using the proper colors after the bot had been released from custody
- Bots can now use human-colored contours in online mode, although the user will have to be hosting
- Fixed a rare crash related to a client disconnecting from the lobby
- Fixed bots meleeing Winters' phalanx and knocking them over as if they were regular Shields
- Fixed bots not targeting special enemies with higher priority than normal enemies
- Fixed bots occasionally losing focus on their current target

Version 25:
- Bots' spread values are now based on their health total. Vanilla health results in the default spread of 25, ZEAL health is 15, and "no scaling" health is 5. The more fragile bots become, the more capable of eliminating threats they will be.
- Fixed a crash related to the Big Lobby option
- Further streamlined and optimized the Hyper Reflexes option
- Fixed bots not targeting turrets
- Improved the bots' target acquisition and performance
- Bots will now be more likely to focus on enemies who are currently targeting the player
- Removed the Birth of Sky fix since Overkill has apparently fixed that issue themselves
- Removed the voice line cooldown when marking specials recently added by Overkill since it's unnecessary with BB's marking behavior
- Bots will no longer be assigned "pause" and "stare" delays at all
- Added Italian localization courtesy of LycanCHKN. Since the Henchmen beta has concluded, I'm accepting any localization contributions; contact me via ModWorkshop if you're interested

Version 26:
- Overhauled the bots' weapon handling for consistency and efficiency:
1. Bots will fire automatic weapons in three round bursts five times per second
2. Bots will fire sniper rifles and pump-action shotguns once a second
3. Sniper rifles have 40% tighter spread
4. Shotguns have 40% larger spread but do twice as much damage
5. Automatic, weaker pump-action, and double-barrel shotguns fire twice per second
6. The M308, Little Friend, and Cavity fire in single-fire mode five times per second
- Fixed bots identifying enemies whom they wouldn't choose to attack if using the Hyper Reflexes option
- Improved the bots' melee proficiency
- Bots will now melee attack other specials except Dozers; their attack will not knock over Cloakers but will still do damage
- Completely rewrote and optimized the bots' targeting and reaction functions for better performance with Full Speed Swarm, specifically with the Fast Paced Game option turned on
- Related to the above, fixed bots occasionally ignoring Dozers for whatever reason
- Bots will now mark Shields if they have the armor piercing booster enabled
- Made minor tweaks and cleanups throughout the code

Version 27:
- Added an option to remove the bots' LBV and doctor/ammo bags.
- Due to the changes from the Henchmen and Desync updates, Better Bots no longer modifies the functions of the bots' weapons at all (sans the aim/focus delays and ranges). Shoutout to everyone to called BB a cheat over the past two years for giving Overkill enough reason to make the bots combat-worthy without mods.
- Improved the bots' prioritization of domination targets
- Bots will no longer perform their domination/intimidation/marking gestures while reloading
- Fixed bots attacking intimidated or dominated cops on occasion
- Fixed bots occasionally marking dead specials and/or attacking dead enemies
- Bots can now mark turrets
- Furthermore, bots will no longer mark Medics and Cloakers at a limited distance, as they do in the vanilla game

Version 28:
- Bots can now shoot through one another, rather than absorbing each others' shots
- Furthermore, bots can now shoot through hostages and dominated cops, preventing them from accidentally killing them while trying to shoot another target
- Fixed an issue with the Hyper Reflexes option not resulting in quick enough reactions
- Reduced the melee range to something more reasonable and increased the damage to compensate

Version 29:
- Edited the slotmask of the bots' bullets so that they pass through just about everything, although they will still have to acquire targets by the usual means. This results in less shots absorbed by nearby doorframes, cover, and slaughtered pigs
- Tweaked the bots' combat abilities due to popular demand:
    1. Bots' weapon damage changes based on difficulty (which is apparently broken in the vanilla game); their damage multiplier will be the current difficulty index multiplied by 1.25. So, for example, on Deathwish, which has a difficulty index of 7, they will have a damage multiplier of 8.75.
    2. All automatic weapons fire in three round bursts four times per second, which is similar to vanilla; sniper rifles fire once a second (identical to vanilla) and pump-action shotguns fire twice a second; magazine-based shotguns will fire four times per second like automatic weapons
    3. Bots' spread values are reduced by 20% when using the ZEAL health option and 40% when using "no scaling"; for most weapons, this will reduce the vanilla spread of 25 to 20 and 15, respectively
    4. All other values are either vanilla or unchanged from previous BB versions
- Bots will reload their weapons out of combat at 40% magazine capacity (changed from 50%)
- Jokers will now be improved in key areas:
    1. They will use the same targeting code used by the bots, resulting in more efficient target acquisition and avoidance of Shields
    2. They will reload their weapons out of combat whenever their magazines are below 80% capacity
    3. Their "run_start" and "run_stop" animations have been removed and they will no longer crouchwalk, resulting in better player following
    4. Their navigation access has been changed to the bots' access; while this aids in their ability to follow players, this also ensures that they are properly filtering NPCs and their reactions to those NPCs; this change and the previous one would not have been possible without TdlQ's Keepers mod so thanks to him for that
    5. They can now attack turrets
    6. They can also shoot through just about everything, although they too will have to acquire targets by ordinary means
    7. All other Joker properties are the same as vanilla; this includes their accuracy and damage
- Tweaked the bots' targeting code and their reaction code to accommodate Jokers and also fixed perceived sluggish reflexes from the last update

Version 30:
- Fixed a crash related to a failed inventory check
- Corrected some vanilla reload animations and firing timers
- Bots will now vocalize when they've melee killed a special
- Fixed meleed enemies not using the correct knockdown animation
- Fixed bots not prioritizing Medics

Version 31:
- Bots and Jokers can now shoot through surrendering cops and not just cops who have been handcuffed; with this change and some changes in recent updates, it will be almost impossible for domination targets to accidentally die due to allied NPCs

Version 32:
- Used a new method to ensure that bots are emphasizing enemies who are targeting human players when choosing a target
- Additionally, improved the bots' ability to prioritize Tasers tasing and Cloakers cloaking.

Version 33:
- Updated the mod for BLT2
- Added Swedish localization
- Updated the readme
- In the interests of balancing, bot teammates will count as human players when determining spawn totals
- Tweaked fire rate and damage values to more closely match vanilla
- Fixed bots not firing the Galant quickly enough
- Removed the fix related to bag carrying since Overkill fixed that themselves
- Bots will now "identify" enemies immediately with Hyper Reflexes enabled, rather than simply spotting them
- Bots and Jokers will use a flag in the task queue system that should make their actions a bit faster
- Lowered the threshold at which Jokers will reload out of combat

Version 34:
- Added Chinese localization courtesy of shadows
- Optimized some code
- Rebalanced the spread values used when using different health options
- Fixed a possible crash related to spawn balancing for player totals
- Fixed a crash on Hotline Miami if the hyper reflexes option was turned on

Version 35:
- Fixed a bug that caused the entire BLT to disable itself. Thanks for the format changes, Wilko.

Version 36:
- Fixed a vanilla bug that caused the game to not linearly interpolate between different damage multipliers for defined ranges. So, for example, if a NPC shoots at a target 10 meters away and they have a defined range of 5 meters (with a damage multiplier of 2) and another defined range of 15 meters (with a damage multiplier of 4), then the resulting damage multiplier will be 3. Before, the damage multiplier would be 2 since that is the lower of the two. Since this bug affects teammate and enemy AI alike, it has been fixed for both. See the Long Guide for details on this bug.
- Made all damage/accuracy/etc changes optional by toggling the "Combat Improvements" checkbox in the BLT mod options menu; turning this off will keep only essential changes and fixes (such as the removed focus and aim delays)
- Furthermore, keeping the above option on will cause the bots to use damage/accuracy/etc changes that have been heavily rebalanced, taking advantage of the bugfix above and making them overall more human in their combat abilities
- Related to the above, the bots are no longer exceedingly good at dispatching enemies from long range, whom they would often kill before the player even knew they were there
- If a bot melees a Shield from behind (or otherwise not hitting their shield), the attack will now inflict proper melee damage
- Reworked how the bots target Snipers so that they will prioritize them more; previously, the bots would often ignore them since their targeting system is distance-based and Snipers are obviously very far away
- Fixed bots repeating their melee attacks too quickly
- Fixed a possible crash related to the task queue system
- Updated the readme

Version 37:
- Fixed a bug that caused cops to deal too much damage
- Streamlined the damage and RoF values of the bots' weapons if "Combat Improvements" is turned on; this should eliminate the guesswork involved with choosing weapons for the bots, as they should all perform about the same now

Version 38:
- Added an option to disable ammo pickups from enemies killed by bots. This will loosely approximate ammo consumption (think of it like the bots grabbing the ammo immediately) while also allowing the player to more accurately gauge the ammo efficiency of their setups
- Fixed bots not marking enemies and turrets due to a bug in a recent patch
- Rebalanced the "Combat Improvements" feature due to some feedback
- Furthermore, enabling "Combat Improvements" will properly interpolate the damage/accuracy/etc for bots' weapons by using some code from Bot Weapons and Equipment. Thanks to Shiny Hoppip for finally making that work.
Note: As a result of this change, it's best to keep this option off if you use the Bot Weapons mod.
- Bots will no longer drop their bags to revive a player if their Inspire cooldown is not active and/or they are carrying a bag with which they could normally run
- Additionally, the speed penalty for bots carrying bags is now similar to human players, thus they should no longer lag behind
- Made slight performance improvements throughout the mod
- Updated the readme
- Slightly darkened the color of the mod's box in the BLT Mods menu
- Updated the Chinese localization

Version 39:
- Improved the bots' marking for performance; before, they would not mark enemies whom they individually had marked before, but would still mark enemies that another bot had already marked; now, they will recognize when an enemy has already been marked, regardless of who marked it
- Furthermore, fixed bots not marking turrets
- Overhauled the Hyper Reflexes option so that it now drastically speeds up all bot actions; the effect is similar to using unlimited tasks-per-frame with Full Speed Swarm, except only affecting teammate AI; note that you can use both FSS and this option at the same time
- Related to the above, Jokers will now benefit from the Hyper Reflexes option
- Made minor stability and performance improvements throughout the mod
- Bots will now be much more likely to target enemies who are carrying out objectives, such as disabling a drill or freeing a hostage
- Updated the Italian localization courtesy of LycanCHKN
- Bots no longer melee special enemies (other than Shields) due to weird balancing issues
- Fixed a timing issue on bots' melee attacks due to a misplaced check
- Added a check to tweak_data changes so that they only work as the host, preventing any desync issues when playing as a client

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11-11-2017, 09:21 AM
@Schmuddel new chinese translation for version 39

11-04-2017, 06:46 PM
@Skyfry428 Currently they prioritize, from highest priority to least: enemies carrying out objectives (disabling drills, freeing hostages, etc), Snipers (since they're so far away and the priority system is based on distance), Medics, Tasers and Cloakers who are either tasing or cloaking respectively, Dozers, any other special (Shields whom the bots can attack are included here), turrets, then any other visible enemy. In short, they do prioritize Tasers, but not before enemies that absolutely need to be dealt with first like Medics.

@BLAMMO! It's probably possible, I'll look into it.

@Sartick I'm not sure if, at this point, any of the AI, friendly or otherwise, can even detect if flashbangs exist. They ignore smoke grenades too. So, I don't think it's possible but I don't know for sure at this point.

11-04-2017, 04:59 PM
is there any way you can make bots prioritize tasers before anything else? Because tasers are their #1 weakness, and I almost never see them even go for them.

11-04-2017, 02:29 PM
Could it be possible to make bots inspire player/other bots throu walls?

11-04-2017, 02:16 PM
I've been wondering for a while now, do you think bots could shoot flashbangs ? Not that I'd want it, I like to get rid of them myself, but I'm just curious about it.

11-04-2017, 08:25 AM
hello i would like to submit german translation since i didnt saw it in the readme.txt so i though its still not done can i like i dont know get a list of what to translate and then i translate? or how does it work...xd sorry i never translated something for a mod but it would be nice to get a list of what to translate i would give the list back with the german translations thanks in advance i hope for response if you respond please do with a private message thank you

11-01-2017, 08:49 PM
pls fix it

11-01-2017, 08:48 PM
it crashes when i start a heist

11-01-2017, 07:45 AM
I feel like I should make this statement now since I just figured out the confliction between Better Bots and Monkeepers. It is advised that Better Bots's Hyper Reflexes be disabled to maximize effectiveness for Monkeepers.

10-25-2017, 02:48 AM
Current thread: Main
Script stack:
   mkp_chk_register_carry_SO()  @mods/Monkeepers/lua/carrydata.lua:75              
                   fail_clbk()  @mods/Monkeepers/lua/carrydata.lua:207             
            on_new_objective()  lib/units/player_team/logics/teamailogicidle.lua:499 
               set_objective()  lib/units/enemies/cop/copbrain.lua:245             
                 _execute_so()  lib/managers/group_ai_states/groupaistatebase.lua:2382 
                     _upd_SO()  lib/managers/group_ai_states/groupaistatebesiege.lua:204 
                        clbk()  lib/managers/group_ai_states/groupaistatebesiege.lua:166 
        _execute_queued_task()  lib/managers/enemymanager.lua:549                  
        _update_queued_tasks()  lib/managers/enemymanager.lua:558                  
                      update()  lib/managers/enemymanager.lua:49                   
                      update()  lib/setups/gamesetup.lua:659                       
                      update()  lib/setups/networkgamesetup.lua:21                 

Confliction with Monkeepers when the Team AI is around cops or is taking fire when taking the bag. I already posted it on Monkeeper's page to have a better chance of finding a solution.

10-23-2017, 01:53 PM
Hey Im new here and whenever i put the file into the mods folder it crashes before it even gets to the menu plz help? thx

10-23-2017, 09:52 AM
Heya! Got a crash for ya; On Nightclub going loud.

Application has crashed: access violation



        payday2_win32_release  (???)     ???                                                
        payday2_win32_release  (???)     ???                                                
        payday2_win32_release  (???)     ???                                                
        payday2_win32_release  (???)     ???                                                
        payday2_win32_release  (???)     ???                                                
        payday2_win32_release  (???)     ???                                                


Current thread: Main
Script stack:
                     update()  lib/units/enemies/cop/actions/upper_body/copactionreload.lua:94  
               _upd_actions()  lib/units/enemies/cop/copmovement.lua:586          
                     update()  lib/units/enemies/cop/copmovement.lua:549          

10-21-2017, 07:45 AM
@Schmuddel new chinese translation for new bbt version

10-06-2017, 01:58 AM

10-05-2017, 10:44 AM
Or why not have bots independently pick up bagged loot like the officers if there's a loot drop off point active? They can bring it to that point and either throw it in or simply drop it?

10-04-2017, 04:38 PM
@Xanaguy There already are mods for that, as far as I know.

10-04-2017, 11:48 AM
I've an interesting request that will almost certainly get rejected: Do you think there's a way for the player and bots (Offline only) to trigger Overdrill?

09-30-2017, 08:23 AM
by far as i know old version of the bot did a better job than the one we have now 

09-28-2017, 12:14 PM
How to install?

09-24-2017, 06:38 AM
Fair enough, Schmuddel. I can't wait to dive into the details.