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Diesel Model Tool v1.03
Version 1.03 | Last Updated: 08-29-2015, 06:26 PM
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This tool will allow for extraction and some modification of models found in the diesel engine. More info here:

v1.03 - Fixed an issue where materials would export incorrectly, updated hashes.
v1.02 - Fixed an issue with importing .obj files. It was ignoring object names, leading to no changes being made.
v1.01 - Fixed an issue with reading Object3D section and a small fix with regard to weights
v1.0 - Initial Release

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03-27-2017, 06:41 PM
is it available after update 130 ?

08-29-2015, 07:29 PM
One point O Two!

08-29-2015, 06:40 PM
I like 1.02 update!

08-29-2015, 01:59 PM
:D Thank you!

08-29-2015, 08:33 AM
An update to this long dead thing? Oh god :why:????

07-07-2015, 09:41 AM
Iron Predator:

1. Open any Diesel .model using the program and extract it. 2:06
2. Load the .OBJ into any modelling program and adjust it.
3. Open the .model file with a text editor, and get the name of the mesh from the file. 4:40
4. Save the file as an .OBJ
5. Reimport using the tool.

Timestamps are from the official video,

06-13-2015, 05:44 AM
Can someone make written instructions for this? the video is not specific enough for me to understand it.

06-13-2015, 01:23 AM
Blessed that is you Spy.

06-12-2015, 10:56 PM

06-12-2015, 10:20 PM
This is a poem for you.
It was a long journey how you cared about us and the mods, i have been supporting Lastbullet by uploading my creations with others, Thank you I am not a spy, we won't forget for your goods and life spent for the making of additional tools that could improve modding, Thank you. :')

Now since this is a sad day for me, i wish you all best of luck in your life! You've did soo much for us and am in tears now. I won't forgive you!