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Bullet Dismemberment v11
Version 11 | Last Updated: 12-10-2015, 12:29 AM
Status: Public
Views: 77258
Downloads: 16826
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v11 Changes:
  • Added the new decapitation feature for Tasers during headshots.

v10 Changes:
  • Added the ability to dismember an enemy's limbs with your bullets!

v6 Changes:
  • Added BLT Auto-Update compatibility.
  • Fixed cloakers being dismembered while still alive.
  • Fixed crashes when non-player unit (e.g. Sentry Turret) attempts to decapitate.

v5 Changes:
  • Fixed crashing issues when trying to decapitate cloakers.

v4 Changes:
  • Fixed non-existing values when searching for a unit's head.
  • Fixed teammates not being able to decapitate.

v3 Changes:
  • Cloaker Dismemberment with bullets require the Yakuza Character Pack.

v2 Changes:
  • Added Cloaker Dismemberment with bullets.
  • Improved blood effects.
  • Continuous blood spurts from the neck.

If you want to change certain settings for this mod, head over to Bullet Decapitations/lua/CopDamage.lua and edit the settings section!

A simple mod which adds a gory yet satisfying effect when headshotting an enemy. This was script was snipped from my Melee Overhaul REvamped mod and made it so bullets affect decapitations.

Once headshotting an enemy, blood will spew out from their necks. Along with its goriness, their bodies will slightly twitch. All in all, these cops will have it rough on them.

You can also dismember an enemy's limbs with your bullets now, have fun!

And before anyone says it, this script was not stolen from HoxHud. I've decided to create a standalone mod for this feature and this mod was built from scratch.

Extract the contents and place the folder inside PAYDAY 2/mods/. Once that is done, you can enjoy shooting those cops in the head!
You can edit it for personal use, but give credit where credit is due.

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07-21-2017, 12:49 AM
How do i remove the effect on normal cops so that i only have the dismemberment on Tasers and Cloakers?

07-07-2017, 09:38 PM
Is it possible to do this with melee insteed

07-07-2017, 02:59 AM
@TheTCREngineer[UAE] You understand that in payday, there's literally no other way to do it, right?

07-02-2017, 05:34 AM
THE MOD WORKS, nothing has been affected. The only request is to use your M.O.R.E blood spurt for the blood spurting, looks much better.

05-14-2017, 08:34 AM
Not sure if you're even on here anymore, but it just stopped working as of the Sangres update. It only works on Shields now.

01-16-2017, 03:28 PM
Can you do it for Melee weapons? But if it already have, can you lead me where is that?

10-07-2016, 05:25 AM
Other than great configurability, this mod isn't good at all with the visual effects. Rather than hiding the models bones, you move them inside the body to hide it.

09-19-2016, 04:16 PM
Application has crashed: C++ exception
mods/Bullet Decapitations/lua/CopDamage.lua:155: attempt to index local 'unit_body' (a nil value)




         payday2_win32_release  (???)     ???                                                
         payday2_win32_release  (???)     ???                                                
         payday2_win32_release  (???)     ???                                                
         payday2_win32_release  (???)     zip_get_name                                       
                         ntdll  (???)     RtlQueryPackageClaims                              
                         ntdll  (???)     NtQueryVirtualMemory                               
                    KERNELBASE  (???)     VirtualQueryEx                                     
                    KERNELBASE  (???)     SetUnhandledExceptionFilter                        
                    KERNELBASE  (???)     SetUnhandledExceptionFilter                        
         payday2_win32_release  (???)     ???                                                
         payday2_win32_release  (???)     zip_get_name                                       

happend like twice now

08-18-2016, 02:50 PM
would grenade dismemberment be possible?

08-14-2016, 04:19 AM
@Stripex Do you have BLT installed? Just put the folder from this mod into the "Mods" folder.

07-08-2016, 10:33 PM
Help me,how install please i dont know how install this mod

06-16-2016, 03:08 AM
Is there anyway to have just have the cloaker and tazer decapitations? because i get framedrops with the regular cops spurting

04-15-2016, 06:43 PM
очень хорошо :3

04-12-2016, 08:06 PM
how do i change a duriation of blood SPILLING OUT of enemies head (dismembered head^_^) ?

02-26-2016, 05:12 AM
Hello. I really like the mod!

I've done a little customizing though. Just for me, iInstead of the standard blood_tendrails effect, I'm having it use the "blood_impact_katana" for headshots. This creates a really nice stream of blood that looks a little more realistic. I'm having one problem though, the stream of blood appears to shoot out of their neck, straight out of their chest. This looks ok while standing up, but when they're on the ground, shooting the head means a stream shoots straight up form the ground into the air.

I am hoping to adjust so that the blood would shoot from their neck, straight up, whilst standing. EX:

    [  ]

instead of

- - [  ]

Is there a way to do this?

Also I have an issue where when I have cloaker dismem set to "all" it seems to keep spawning cloaker heads. I've set dismem to "head" to see if it will correct.

Let me know please, thanks!

01-13-2016, 09:28 PM
First of all I enjoy the mod, nice work :D. I have the Cloaker dismemberment disabled (set it to "none") but for some reason other players are still able to dismember them on my screen with bullets. I'm not sure about AI and sentrys since I barely play with them. is there a way to fix this?

01-11-2016, 05:02 PM
Could you make it so that we can have that decapitation taser mod apply to all cops?(Destroy all cops head into pieces using shotguns/sniper rifles) Seeing it only on tasers is a little lonely, that is if it doesn't actually require to make new models/isn't difficult.

01-11-2016, 03:29 AM
It's good but when I do stealth it breaks my game :/

12-31-2015, 01:23 AM

12-20-2015, 12:24 AM
I know that mod but it doesant affect bleeding style.